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I just bought myself a monthly pass :D

I know it's not really a weight 'loss' or anything and it's not exactly difficult to key in a few numbers and press 'Pay' but I like to think it's my first positive step to Goal after so many negative steps back!

I'm not sure yet how it's going to work as my personal Weigh In day is Monday as it's the start of my week etc and keeps me on track over the weekend. But WW Weigh In day is going to be Wednesday morning... I'm tempted to record both but not compare the two (as two sets of scales are calibrated differently)

As I've bought the pass, I'm committed to at least ONE whole month! I have a week now to gradually work in to it for my first week on 26th Jan so I don't get hit by the 'diet' monster and quit before the end of day one :)

Yesterday my life was over (yes I was having a drama queen moment! It was ridiculous and I'm so glad no one was about to see it!) Today is day one of new Miss Jelly :D

Off I go to make a food diary!!
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is getting better at it
if you want to change the tracker to start on monday then go to setting on your points tracker and you will see weight and goals you can change the weigh in day there
My WW meeting is Wednesday mornings. But my dietician phone calls are on Mondays. I dunno what to do about that.. we'll just see how it goes.

I downloaded the WW app for my phone to track points because I have a habit of 'forgetting' food I've eaten by the end of the day (when I have access to online tracker)

I downloaded the WW app for my phone to track points because I have a habit of 'forgetting' food I've eaten by the end of the day (when I have access to online tracker)

I do this too - or I write it down on post-its at my desk and then lose them before I have chance to log on :rolleyes:

For this reason, I am looking forward to getting the full iPhone app next week when I get paid and can afford to sign up for monthly pass.
I'm not super keen on propoints as of yet.. It's a bit of a pain having to put so much more info in (I know that sounds lazy but still)

Old points, you put 2 numbers in and it tells you the points o_O

Well PP it is for ONE WHOLE MONTH!

Also, I tend to shrink portions in my head when I track at the end of the day. Like, I'll have 3 sausages but only 'remember' having two...

Don't seem to be having that problem at the moment.. I've already planned out my food day and still have 20pp left!!

I used to be on 26 old points, now I have 37 propoints... but the value of my typical foods, don't seem to have changed o_O
I find the new calculator a bit faffy. It's okay for using at home but I can't see me pootling round Sainsburys working out points on it like I did my old one. I'm going to get the shopping guide I think, so I can get an idea of what I'm looking at pointswise before I go shopping and then use the calculator for odd things.
It used to be SO easy :(

Looks like I'll be PPing my weekly meals before I shop o_O

Is there still a food guide like the old one? Where you could look up any common food..like, 1 egg or small McD's fries etc... that might help.
On old points, it was easy enough to just pop the book in your bag and take it shopping too... the eating out guide was good too. Again, I took it places with me. Maybe I'm odd, but I have no issue whipping it out in a foodplace (weatherspoons, pizza express etc) and reading it alongside the menu.. I know my friend pre-planned from online menus so she didn't risk anyone noticing something WW related but.. heh, I care not.

If the PP books are essentially the same, win win for me :D
I have been known to jot down wise choices on a discreet bit of paper, but I dont mind whipping my book out either LOL

Miss jelly the pp books a similar to the old ones tho I am not so keen on the latout of the shopping guide,but just a personal opinion !

Good luck from a fellow pass holder.

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