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I Just Bought Size 10 - Daisy you should have stuck money on it! :)


Do a little dance!
Well, well!

Went to get the last of my summer clothes and bought two pairs of denim jeans in size 10! I NEVER thought this would happen. My size 12's are all a bit loose - and I'm happy as I'm sure some glycogen is going to come back on in the next 8 weeks and I will be quite comfy in them all.

HA! Me - a size 10!

Just put a pic on - I was doing the "sexy bum" dance at the time :D
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Fantastic Em

Well done you. Isn't it fantastic looking in the shops for clothes that are small enough!
That it should happen to us..........!!
I'm still amazed 6months down the line.
Enjoy it.xxx
Bum pic too!! Great.
:p ha ha!
just like to say i told you so :p

well done em!
daisy x


I Can Do This!
Looking fab Emveg!


...we're sinking deeper.
That's wonderful. I love your photo, looks like you're just so happy to be sticking your bum out at the camera! And good too, it's a very sexy bum. :D
Tomorrow I'll see if I can squeeze myself into a size 10 in a shop. I have a couple of bits and pieces in size 10 and all my size 12's are quite loose. Has it happened for me too? I wonder. I ponder. ... arrgghhhhhhh. Excitement!

:D :D
def do it minerva - bet you can fit them!
i bought some size 8 work trousers at the weekend - bit tight but could get them on - amazing!

daisy x
:happy096: Em, my jaw literally dropped at that photo, you look flipping amazing! :D

How's that tattoo doing by the way, healed now?


...we're sinking deeper.
Lol I went out and found some short-shorts of my own, also in a size 10!

I wish my skin wasn't as saggy and flabby though. You have such a wonderful body EmVeg! *envyjealousyenvy* :p

hey minerva - looking good!!!
knew they would fit you
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
I really want those shorts now... I didn't buy them because they cost £25, and I said to myself I wasn't gonna buy any size 10's because I expect myself to regain a little when I go back to food and while it stabilises over the next 3 months. ... I'm being realistic. Or am I being pessimistic? ... Lol. I don't know.

But, but... but... I've been wanting those shorts... GAAAAAAH. But... Buh. :confused::confused::confused:
i say go for it! buy them.
they can be your incentive for stabilising at the weight you are
they look good...go on you know you want them......:devilangel:

and you do deserve a treat after all your hard work!

daisy x
Go for it Minerva

Daisy is right. Putting yourself in constant denial is only punishing you in a different way. What does it achieve. You should be giving yourself positive strokes now. Have the shorts. They'll help you stay the right size.I've amazingly been able to maintain my weight give or take 2-3lbs on and off for 6 months now. I still can't believe it.
You can do the same. Let yourself enjoy your success.


...we're sinking deeper.
Weeeeeeellllllll......... it is my birthday this Wednesday the 13th. :D ... But if I go back I'd buy the t-shirt too!! I like the little happy cupcake, it's so cute.... ... if they're both still there on Friday I'll go for it. ....................christ I'm turning into a girl. ... I think the orange hair's infected my brain. I don't know.


HOWEVER - the downside to getting the shorts is that I'll have to shave my legs on a more regular basis. ... rofl.


Do a little dance!
Get them. I know that by the end of RTM I may not fit into them dure to "filling" out which is perfectly natural - but I can then manage my weight to get back to what I am now, or maybe I'll be lucky/or work well enough to still fit in them.

You just don't know - so yes, GET THEM!

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