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I just can't do it


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What the hell is wrong with me, I seem to have clicked the self destruct button. I just can't do this diet, I haven't been to the gym in ages, I have really let myself go. I can't believe I have let myself get like this. I am wearing a dress today coz I thought it might make me feel better but I look hideous. I look fat, old and knackered.

Right now I absolutely hate myself.
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It's Ok to feel as you do - we all have days where we feel out of control. Have you been able to do this before? I know you have as I can see you have had a great weight loss so far!

Be kind to yourself, have a day off if needs be - think about why you want to lose weight by your birthday - list the points so you can actually see what you are aiming for.

Did you measure yourself when you first started? It's amazing how much you lose in cm/inches in addition to using the scales.

If there was just one thing that someone could say to you right now to get you back on track what would it be?

You have done brilliantly, so look forward and not backwards and know you can do it! It's not what you have not done in the past weeks, it's what you can do from now on that counts.

Good Luck


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Roz, you know this is only temporary. you will soon be back to your possitive, happy self. I haven't seen you around here much lately, is there other stuff going on that might be causing the blip? You know how I have struggled for the last couple of months but I have somehow managed to get back on top of it again. If i can do it you can too. You have the tool, use it. x
Roz! shut up you tart!!!
You have just hit a blip.........look at me, the whole of May has gone completly t*ts up!
But i have read my book again, started to write everything down and it always helps when someone on here wants to give you a :whip: and a :whoopass:

We are all going through it at present sweety, i dont what it is, must be something in the water!!!

But look at it this way....if you hadnt of started the diet and stayed the same you would weigh alot more than what you do now.......thats the only way i can look at it. If i hadnt of lost nearly 2st since January i would probably weigh 18st by now. i was 16st 3 when i originally started.My eating was out of control.
So dont undo what you have worked so hard to lose already hun.
You can do it, so get to it girlfriend! stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a in CONTROL hun!!!

We need you !!!!

Ruthy xxxx ;)


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Hey hun I know exactly how you feel I pressed the self destruct button too and have only just got my self re motivated from xmas. Have you thought about trying WW maybe a bit of a change will give you a boost even if you only do it for a month or two then come back to SW.

Try not to make the mistake I and probably many other people have made in the past and don't look at the whole amount of weight you need to lose just set mini targets and you will soon get to where you are happy.

I cant really offer any more advice than that if I had the answer I would have done it myself months ago. All I can say is just have a think about maybe going over to WW for a little while and hopefully the change will do the trick. Good luck hun hope it works out for you:hug99:
Good advice son!.......as always ;)

Ruthy xxx

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