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I just don't understand???

G: 10st7lb
Hi all,

Just a bit baffled with my weight loss. I started CD on the 4th March 09 weighing 15.2 addmitedly I played arround every now and then, had a nandos or even a KEBAB! Anyway I stopped that about 6 weeks ago and I went onto SS+ I noticed that my wieght really was not budging and 3 weeks ago went on to SSing 100 percent now the thing is i have only lost about 5lbs iin total in the 3 weeks, I do not understand? Should I move up the plan? Im 12.13.6. My target weoght is 11 stone. It's just so frustrating I have not had one bug loss since I started in March.
Advice PLEASE!!
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i think you have hit the plateau but usually we all over come it, thing is as well you dont have as much to loose anymore so naturally it takes a bit longer, if you arent averaging 2 to 3 pounds a week however i think you need to talk to your counsellor, also without being graphic i tend to keep perspective in relation to time of the month, when im ovulating i tend to bloat and put on weight maybe that is a factor? sorry if im no help, im not the most experienced in loosing weight, gaining it im an expert lol


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When I was SS-ing on LL ,I noticed that I lost a lot more weight if I made sure I was drinking a lot of water (at least two litres a day). Drinking a good amount of water while ss-ing is very important because it flushes out the excess water retention and toxins. Also keeps your body functioning properly. The body actually needs very little food but it can not fuction correctly without being properly hydrated. It is your best friend;) so try to ensure that you're drinking enough plain water instead of drinking a lot of coffee & tea. I hope this helps!:)


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Hiya, i'd have to agree and say it's the dreaded plateau! This happened to me just recently, over the course of about 4 weeks i only lost about 4lb!! it was sooo frustrating (i'm on 810 btw) i spoke with my CDC and she suggested that actually maybe I was not eating enough and therefore my body was holding on to everything i was taking in! the suggestion was to increase my allowances slightly, so i tried having slightly more protein and more veg too (still from the allowed list in the book though) and weirdly enough that seems to have kick started me again! I havent updated my ticker or stats yet but last week i lost 3lb and this week my weigh in is tomorrow but i'm sure i've lost again as i feel my clothes are definitely a lot looser! so maybe increasing could work for you! best to talk to ur CDC for some advice xxx

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