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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by hannahike, 22 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. hannahike

    hannahike Full Member

    black coffee for the first time since i came on LT... i could handle 3 sips and that was it.... the taste was just so different now! Yuck yuck yuck!
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  3. LaraJ

    LaraJ Member

    urrghh!! I was the same when I started (on day 10 now). Hate black coffee and tea, minging. I have discovered though that earl grey tea is lovely black with sweetener tablets. I have 2 sweeteners in mine which I never had before this diet. The bergamont in earl grey gives it an almost citrus taste and is really nice. Might be worth a go. I have to have it really hot as find it starts to taste a bit nasty as it cools.....good luck
  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    i hate black coffee aswell..i really miss it :(
  5. fifi70

    fifi70 Silver Member

    LT has made me a big fan of black coffee. I've always in the past had to put at least 1/4 of a pint in coffee and tea, but now just a splash of milk is enough. Tea and coffee now taste like they're supposed to taste. Also I got quite addicted to roiboos (redbush) tea, very refreshing, no caffeine in it so I could have a cuppa before bed and be able to sleep. Weird how things change!!
  6. Rhian26

    Rhian26 Full Member

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    I was exactly the same Fi!! Everyone always said to me, 'do you want some tea with that milk!!'
    Sooo not funny but everyone else seemed to think so!! I now love shopping for different types of coffee and have a selection of 4 expensive ones in my cupboard!!! I love any of them with 2 sweetners in...mmmm gonna go and make a cup now!!!! xxxx
  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    I was always a milky weak coffee or tea drinker (my mum always said my tea didn't have the strength to come out of the pot!) but have found a taste for black coffee (with sweeteners) now. I can't stand black tea!!!!!
  8. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    Hi hun

    Black coffee is definitely something that grows on you. Have you tried adding a couple of spoonfuls of a vanilla shake to your coffee - it tastes nice, a bit like latte. :)

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