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Extra Easy I Just had a peek at the scale and i had a gain :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SoldieronNatasha, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I really don't understand why :( this is my second week and in my first week I lost 5 pounds. My next official weigh in day is on Wednesday but I thought I would check my progress to know what to expect and I got on the scales and I'm 1.5 pounds up :( I have a food diary on the food diaries bit of the forum could someone please look at it and let me know? I'm so upset. Thanks
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  3. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    The name of the diary is SoldieronNatasha needs to make a change! Forgot to mention that!
  4. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    hi natasha
    ive nearly completed my first week on sw and started peeking at my weight only to find that depending on time of day and purely if uv been to the loo can change ur weight lots. 1 day i managed to gain 1lb then the next lost that again and more! best thing is not to peek... just wait for ur official weigh in. then theres no gettin upset until its offical :)
  5. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    If it's only been 2 days since your weigh in, you really should try not to hop on the scales in between. My weight fluctuates a lot all week, so I tend not to take any notice until I get on the SW scales each Wed.

    Like miss.mooey said it could be anything, fluid retention, time of day, if the poo fairy has/hasn't been, if you had a salty meal last night. I'll have a nosey at your diary.
  6. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I know haha! it is sooooo hard not to jump on the scales its almost like it calls my name lol! Thanks guys I will not weigh in again until Wednesday! xxx
  7. It is one of the lessons one learns - never weigh yourself at home on your own scales! They won't be as accurate as SW scales, and mid-week measurements are very misleading. All it does is upset you, and serves no useful purpose. Trust the plan, and stick to the SW scales once a week, and you will be much happier.
  8. Nikki<3

    Nikki<3 Gold Member

    I totally agree with the scale hopping. I do it all the time and always the day after weigh I gain anything up to 3lb, very random as I don't even have a cheat meal! But it's soon off and with some more.... This usually doesn't happen until the day before weigh in and each week I work myself up over it. X
  9. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I actually do SW online so I have to use my own scales, but I will limit this to once a week! Xx
  10. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    As the previous posters have said, your weight fluctuates wildly during the week, so you should only weigh once a week at the same time of day. But if yo DO find you have gained a pound you shouldn't panic. I've been around the block a few times with SW and I can tell you that it's not the losing that is the issue in people's success it is the gaining. What I mean is if people accept that from time to time they're going to have a gain or maintain then they won't give up. You need to take it on the chin, trust the plan and keep on going. Too many people fall at the first hurdle when they don't get a good result. The winners keep on keeping on and in so doing reach their target. Good luck!
  11. Anniebel

    Anniebel New Member

    I'm doing SW online this time and having weighed myself with my pal at her house, I checked at mine the next day to find I was half a stone heavier on my own scales! I'm only using hers from now on! Just stick to class weigh in and only think about eating healthily and following the plan the rest of the time! :)

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