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I just made a chocolate 'muffin' and it was entirely edible...

...although not the greatest muffin I've ever eaten. Still, beggars can't be choosers.

I just got the chocolate shake mix - sieved it to get any lumps out. Mixed it with cold water into a paste, and scraped it into a ramekin. I then nuked it (my microwave is 800w and may I add its beautiful - got it in the sale at Sainsburys yesterday after finally binning the old one) for one minute.

Turn it out onto a plate, and let it cool a bit. Lo and behold - a 'muffin'.
I found it ok to eat - made a bit of a change. Might or might not benefit by adding a powdered sweetener (are you allowed those) cos I think I sieved out the sweetener thats in it already (there were certainly little crystals that came out)

Won't be doing it every day, but it's fine if you want something 'different'
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I usd to make these oncambridge ... Also banana shake mixed with a spoon of coffee ! Yum ! Might have one today so thanks for the reminder x
ooh will try the banana coffee combo!

I made one after reading this, it was a nice change. I didn't sieve it and it was fine, I may dissolve a sweetener in water next time and add though.

Yes! all flavours of shakes as muffins are delicious, I have em with my cola and a multi-vit :eek: :eek: keeps me sane so far.
Ooh, i like the sound of this. Will need to try it sometime, thanks Lynniep x
I tried a banana one today and it was yummy..well as yummy as exante can get! :D


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I don't want to put a downer on this, but I think you'll find that being nuked will change and probably destroy some of the vitamins/minerals :(

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