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I keep staying the same

Ive been my current weight for 4 weeks now & its getting me down. Only because I know my body has an odd pattern that I lose 1 week & either sts or gain the next but in the last 3/4 months I get weeks & weeks where I cant budge my weight. Ive tried extra exercise, eating lots of speed foods etc but nothing seems to make a difference. Any help from anyone who's had similar problems??
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i know its tough when you feel like your just not getting anywhere. it look me 9 months to loose 1.5stone. how about you go back to basics, start a food diary and make sure you weigh all your helthy extras and syns correctly, its amazing how many times i think i know something only to discover i was way out
Vary your B's? Try EE but doing 2/3 of your plate with superfree and 1/3 with your red/green free food. My C said this will really boost weight loss! And try drinking at least 2L water a day!


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I would go back to basics, ie cut out processed foods for a while. Even give success express a go for a week and see if that boosts your loss xx
Thanks ladies! Im going to try to drink more & think I need to vary my meals....Im vegetarian so green days only which means I cant try other plans like EE. Im sure there's more ideas out there I can try!

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Again, advice given above all looks good - perhaps you could ask your consultant about the "fast forward" - this is likely to give your body a bit of a "jolt" but it IS more of a diet than an on-going food optimising week (or even 2wks) - I wouldn't try it unless you're sure you've been 100% on plan for a few weeks without losing, or just staying the same weight, and after you've exhausted other options.

Best o'luck'n'stuff with it
When doing green days try to make sure 1/3-2/3 of plate is superfree veg - that might help boost your loss.


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i say keep a food diary just incase anything is straying into your diet that shouldnt be there without you noticing, myself and a friend are on sw and whilst we were out she bought her son some crisps and as we were talking she was eating them and i said what you doing and she didnt even realize she was eating them LOL so it happens sometime without us noticing but it all adds up xx also try lemon juice in hot water to start your day to kick start you metabolism x x

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