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I know its a way off yet but christmas........


I will do this!!!
Im going to be doing LT till early Feb but theres no way im going to sit there with a with a shake while everyone else eats yummy christmas dinner! So i want to come off LT just for the xmas dinner basically....shake for breakfast then xmas dinner in the evening) then back to 100% on boxing day. Is this possible? i know ill probably put on a few lds but i cant miss christmas dinner coz its a big thing in my family
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That will make you sooooooo poorly hun. You need to refeed before you eat anything like a christmas dinner.


I will do this!!!
So would that be the week before xmas bring in salmon and chicken etc, eat xmas dinner then go 100% on boxing day??
i have to say the same i am gonna have to come off it come xmas cos there is no way i am not gonna have that it is only once a year you have that special meal that is why i really wanna lose the weight before xmas cos i know once i come off it i wont be back on it!
I guess so. That's kinda what I'm hoping to do. I'm not putting myself through the arguments that would come through missing Christmas dinner so I'm going to start refeed on the 18th Dec and then possibly TFR for a week after that, though not sure on the last part.

You definitely need to refeed before though babe.


I will do this!!!
Ok cheers i really didnt want to get ill. Ill definatly refeed :)
what is trf mean?
TFR = total food replacement :)


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I know it's not the same diet as CD but it is similar?

If so you could have chicken and veg (green and white veg)?



I will do this!!!
I think the few days before xmas day ill have steamed veg and steamed fish/chicken
thanks i have been wondering xx
That sounds like a decent plan hunny.


I will do this!!!
cool. By xmas i should hopefully be near my goal so i wont feel guilty about eating


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Im on CD but will definatly be having Christmas dinner with the family!!! Im really trying to be at goal by then though.
That's what I'm hoping for too. I don't think the pharmacy will let me continue TFR all the way down to where I want to be but I should be at the lower end of my Lipotrim journey by the 18th. Just worked it out and I need to lose an average of 2.7lb per week each week until then. That doesn't sound so bad... Then I'll be 8st 4lb and won't mind breaking it for Xmas :)
ok i have a question to ask as you all seem to know how to work it out i need to lose 62 and would love to beable to before xmas how much will i need to lose each week and do you think i will beable to do it??
Hang on a mo...


I will do this!!!
This diet says you should lose 4lbs a week so 18 weeks till christmas 18x4=72 so i rekon you'll be there in november
3.6lb per week. You should manage it hun :) Oh, that's taking into consideration you coming off on the 18th to refeed for a week before Christmas day btw


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Im currently 14st 8lbs,what do you think realistically around 30th November time? I want my Christmas dinner!

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