I know it's only day 4, but I thought I'd feel thinner...

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  1. Zayna

    Zayna Full Member

    :wave_cry: Me again.

    Look, I know I'm whining, but I really think my metabolism must have shut down because I really don't feel any different, and I know it's ridiculous to expect to, but considering that I'm on day 4, haven't cheated, done exercise, drank gallons of water, I don't feel like I've lost one ounce, and my scales aren't exactly clapping with glee that I'm no longer squashing them flat...

    I just expected to have dropped several pounds by now, considering that Tuesday is my WI and it's Sunday tomorrow, and so many people lose so much weight in the first week... what's wrong with me?

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  3. tara66

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    Hi Zayna,

    I can only say that if you read other posts it is evidenced that if you stick to it 100% you have to lose weight, it is not possible not to.

    I have no idea if you have already lost weight or not, I can't see your scales, but if not remember that your body is not a machine where you do lipotrim and lose x amount a day everyday. Some lose everyday, some every few days.

    However unless you are from another planet by Tuesday you will have lost if you stick it out. You just have to hang on in there and keep posting, so try not to stress about it x
  4. msblonde

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    i felt the same the first week too and i'd lost 7.5lbs at my wi.

    fear not, the fat has no choice but to melt away!
  5. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

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    hi hun i am only on my second week have to wait till thursday for my weigh in and last week i didnt feel like i had lost anything but when i went for weigh in i had lost 9.5lbs i was well pleased most i have ever lost on a diet you will be ok hun just give it time and wait for ya weigh in. xx
  6. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    One thing I did - as I was totally the same week 1 - was went to the chemist and bought some Ketostix [sticks you just wee on and they tell you if you're in Ketosis] then at least you know you're burning fat!!
    I stick to LT but I often test in the morning, just to reassure myself x
    Boots stock them and so do most chemists [as I think they're predominantly for diabetics].
  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    Hun, don't weigh yourself at home, it is the easiest way to get despondant and fall off the LT train! I often went to my WI with my own scales showing no change and had still lost. I still (occasionally) pop on my scales but the pharmacy scales are the only ones I take any notice of.

    You will lose weight on LT so don't worry and keep your fingers crossed we have a rain-free bank holiday!!! (I know there is no chance of that!)

  8. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

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    At the risk of sounding blunt, you've been on the diet for 4 days! Lipotrim works fast but it isn't magic. Wait until your official WI day to weigh yourself - there's no way it won't work if you stick to it 100%
  9. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    right Zayna - listen to auntie Lisa!!!

    You are losing weight - The amount of calories you are injecting through the shakes is soooo tiny compared to what you were shuving in your mouth before this diet that your body has no choice but to burn ur fat to gain the energy it needs just to breathe.

    Whatever ur home scales are telling you - ignore them. Some peoples bods will go into shock for the first few days of a radical calore deficit - but believe me - it cant hold onto it forever - even if your scales read zero weightloss now - by your seventh day your bod has no other choice but to give up the ghost and drop those pounds.

    I predict a 7lb minimum weight loss for you this week.

    Like i said at the start of this thread - Listen to your Auntie Lisa!!! forget ur home scales okies!!!

    keep fighting all these negative thoughts u keep having - it is just ur mind playing tricks on you - the food demon will try anyway and everyway to make u succumb - DONT LET THEM WIN!!!

    Stick with LT to the letter till ur weigh in - and u will be floating on air as ur walk out of the chemists - guaranteed!!! :D
  10. michelle1b

    michelle1b Member

    first day!!!!!!!!!!

    :sigh: startin back on lipotrim after a few wks break think its even harder 2 go back on it than the first time!!!!!1:(
  11. Zayna

    Zayna Full Member

    Auntie Lisa, you're brilliant.

    In fact, you all are. If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be on DAY 5. Day 5. Still going strong. I can't say it's easy, I am looking forward to being able to eat normally again. And when I say normally, I mean properly, not shoving all that crap down my throat that got me here in the first place.

    I'm not being funny, but I'm only little, but have a great big bosom, I'm far too heavy at 12 stone but will never be 9 stone, so if I can shed a stone and a half I'll be thrilled. I'm wondering if I was heavier, would I have lost more in a short space of time, if you see what I mean.

    Day 5. Tomorrow is day 6, then Tuesday is WI. We shall see what we shall see, I guarantee that not a morsel of food will pass my lips (or drink - I held a can of lager for someone last night and I almost put it to my lips by mistake... it did smell nice... but I didn't) and I'll just have to see what the pharmacy scales have got to say.

    If there's not much change, I'll do another week full on, then after that 2 shakes a day and a low carb dinner. Anyway, I'm rambling now, thinking out loud... :eek:
  12. thembie

    thembie Full Member

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    Step away from the scales hun. I did LT for two months and was obsessed with my homescales. I used to hope on them each time I went to the loo and it affected me in more ways than one. I would binge when disheartened, would binge when I had a big loss as I told myself that I would lose the weight quickly. I was jsut a mess. I then quit the diet. I need to sort myself out . Happy to say that I am back on a VLCD (Cambridge this time) and I am in a much better mind frame. The scales that once tormented me in my bathroom are no more. I have asked my CDC not to tell me my losses on a weekly basis. Sorry to go on like this but all I want to say is you will lose the weight,. It is not possible not to lose it . Just drink the magic liquid(water) and stick to the shakes and soon you will be where you want to be.

    Hold on and keep shaking
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