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I know this sounds daft but ....


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its funny the things we all of a sudden notice isnt it.lol

well done on crossing your finger hun.lol


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It's not daft, it's the little things we notice that keep us going and make us realise that it is actually working! I was ecstatic when I could first cross my legs!


No Coffee, No Workee
It's the little things that make us smile :D

Mrs V

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Lol...Im loosing my bingo wings!
a top I bought last year- all because it had sparkly bits on it !!
is too dam big now :(
Still have my bingo wings- anyone want them ??

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I found swimming helps with the bingo wings Huni, especially breast stroke.
Hee hee, it's the small things that keep us going eh ;) Well done Sue!!!

Taz - I can't wait to cross my legs comfortably instead of feeling like I am shoving everything up to around my neck!!! xxx
hahahaha this made me laugh........ i cant wait to to sit with my knees near my chin, if that makes sense :p its funny what people wish to do that thin people take for granted :D
Losing the little roll of fat across my back where my bra was too tight...that was a great moment.

Love the thought of you getting excited by crossing your fingers. So sweet. x


I am one of the 63336
I've been walking round crossing and uncrossing my fingers all day. At this rate they'll become too muscle-bound to cross!

Wow, crossing legs. I've not been able to do that for years.
Along these lines, I had a rather alarming experience in the shower the other morning. I was washing under my boobs and felt something .... hard. After a moment it dawned on me - it was my RIBCAGE.

Haven't been able to feel my ribs for years. :D


I am one of the 63336
ROFLMAO at us all. I lay in bed prodding and pokeing in all sorts of places (clean minds please ladies) wondering if my collar bone is more prominent, knees more boney, writsts more slender etc.


Desperate to be slim!
I have noticed that my folds on my back are starting to go, which is lovely, but I can't wait until I can sit on our chairs in the hall at school without my bum hanging off the edge... they have metal bits which are really uncomfortable!

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