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i like weighing mid week


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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am i the only person that likes to weigh themselves daily i do it on a morning and a night to compare the too and i think it spers me on i don't panic if it says a few pounds on but it reminds me to keep going and that weigh day is near. i like my scales and there always in the same spot but everyone else seems quite anti weigh in's , am i totally on my own ????:cry::8855:
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Mrs V

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I dont think you are on your own Hun, I just think that some people are too easily swayed with what the scales tell them. I used to be like this, but I have completely changed my outlook on everything and so now I do have the sneaky midweek weigh in (but dont tell anyone! Lol)


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Even weighing once a week is too much for me! I switched to a monthly weight check after my first couple of weeks, I felt I was focusing too much on my weight rather than my eating, if that makes sense. I began following Food Optimising as a means of sorting out my absolutely catastrophic eating habits, and that's what I would like the main focus to continue to be. The weight loss is a very welcome consequence of improving my eating, not the be all and end all.

Still nice to get on once a month and see the good results, mind. :)


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definately not on your own. I hop on every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed


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Definitley not on your own. I weigh in twice a day too. I think providing you accept that your weight will vary then it's fine - it's bad if you can't bear to see a slight increase and then you go out of control. To be honest I do get annoyed if it doesn't go down every other day or so but that spurs me on. And you always have to remember that you will weight loads more at night!


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I weigh in every morning, I don't see the harm in it as I'm not obsessive and aware that I can fluctuate depending on what I've ate. I like to do it as it keeps me on track and stops me from kidding myself x
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me too!! i just like to know that im heading in the right direction so i can sort it out and keep myself in check, im alot more relaxed about the numbers i see than in previous diets tho!


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im a compulsive weigher but i think its a habit. When i get up, get home from work and b4 bed x
I dont think its the weighing every day thats the problem so much as your attitude to it. So many people do frequent weigh ins and then are gutted because it shows a gain. If youre not going to be affected one way or the other theres no harm in it.

You sound like you have a healthy attitude towards what the scales say and know if they show a gain its not really a true gain :)


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I weigh myself every morning. Sometimes I think I've eaten too much but if my weight's the same or less the next morning I can relax about it! It keeps me going til WI day.
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I love weighing myself, but must admit to reacting badly if they've not gone down. I am in danger then of going "ah, screw it" and having an unhealthy day....


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
S: 14st8lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.21%)
i thinbk for me it's more bout making sure i'm on track if i saw a significant gain half way through the week i know i could reign it in, plus i worked really hard to get where i am haha i like just looking at how much the numbers have shrunk lol

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