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I lost some weight!!!

Am pleased as punch, I've got this weight loss ticker thing and updated it today, just keep looking at it :p :p :p

I came accross this forum last thursday when I was looking around on the net for some ideas or something to help me lose some weight. I found myself reading here for several hours and decided to join :)

So far joining this forum has really inspired me to eat a little more sensiby and excercise a little more too and I have lost 8lbs!

I know that most of that will be water weight (I seem to bloat up a goodun when I eat too much dairy - and since thursday I cut most of that out) But I don't mind that most of it is only water weight am just so thrilled!

If I am honest I am very resistant to going on a diet - anything that leaves me hungry or feeling I can't have a certain food is about as appealing to me as the pox! So anyway, the past few days I have been eating whatever I want so long as I don't go over 2000 calories. I think I can live with that, at least most days anyway ;)
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Well done blossums.
The best way is to find your own way. The "diet" needs to suit your lifestyle rather than changing your life to suit the diet.
It's all about making the best choices for us as one size doesn't fit all when it comes to the weight thing.
Thanks Tranquility and RainbowRose :)

I think I will need to find my own way if I'm to have a hope of sticking to it

Interesting to think what that might turn out to be :)

So far am finding myself quite inspired to excercise as that means I can eat more :p
Hi Blossums:wavey:
look forward to watching your success, diet plans dont work for me either, so im just being sensible too and its working so far, well done on the 8lbs, thats a great result, hope its another good one next week:)
Hi MsPiggy :) Thanks luv

You've done great so far! Is hard for me to imagine that I might lose 32lbs like you have as haven't really lost any substantial amount of weight for years

I suppose I should try and get my head around the idea that I might :D
Hi MsPiggy :) Thanks luv

You've done great so far! Is hard for me to imagine that I might lose 32lbs like you have as haven't really lost any substantial amount of weight for years

I suppose I should try and get my head around the idea that I might :D
Hi Blossums,
shuda gone to specsavers lol,
its just 22lbs, but only 10 to go till 32, i know what you mean, i was only 14stone when i started dieting, only ever lasted 2 or 3 months then always gained more than i lost, hence the colossal size of me now so i absolutely will not give up this time i refuse to gain weight ever again, the paul mc thing is really working for me, i just cant believe the amount of food i used to shovel in, i desperately want to be size 18 by christmas, but if i dont make it i will soon after, would be so much easier if i could grow about 6inches:)
My eyes are fine luvvie, i was only going by the info under your name :) It defo says total weight loss 32lbs - anyway 22lbs is still way more than I have lost in years! I remember seeing paul mckenna on TV and really liked what he had to say (especially the bit about eating when you are hungry!) But the thing I liked most about his program was how motivating he is!

I've got to admit I didn't think i ate all that much but now tham i'm looking up how many calories in things I can totally understand why I'm overweight

Today was an odd day, felt really good and motivated all day, ate well, excercised and by evening I still had over 1000 cals left

Then I went and got upset - happens sometimes so still hadn't eaten by 10pm

Ended up having sausages chips and beans, used up most of those calories - feels strange to have such a meal as that and still be under calories allowance!
Well so it does, 32lbs (i wish) no idea how that happened, me not being able to count could have something to do with it, just 22, which is a big achievement for me, what a shame you got upset, thats not good:patback: hope you're feeling better now.
I used to comfort eat, i dont now, would rather lose weight than feel full, it was seeing the numbers on the scales decrease and the support from all the peeps on here that helped me to make the decision to keep at it this time, and i listen to my cd at least once a day, and now i feel really good when i know i've had a good day, its taken many years but now im finally in control of what i eat, its a nice feeling.:)
Hope your mood is up a bit and you're feeling a lot better:)
Went to Boomtown festival last week for 5 days and was not on a diet by any means, really enjoyed eating whatever I wanted and am very happy that I put no weight on despite this :)

Back on the "diet" since yesterday and am doing far more excercise than I've done in a long time - feels good - though I am really aching today!


Gold Member
Well done Blossums, that just shows that you can still have fun and enjoy yourself without sabotaging the diet.
It is such a steep learning curve, accepting that little changes, will in time, add up to big changes. Sometimes we naturally feel impatient but hanging in there is what counts and i have a strong feeling that is exactly what you are going to do.
keep at it girl, it does work out in the end, and the other ladies are right, it isn't aways easy, and we do all want to be slim, like, yesterday!..but we will all get there eventually and have huge grins and self satisfaction :) In my experience its all mind over matter, and well done you for having such a nice time away and not gaining..see, it can be done!

have a great sunday lovey, when is your next weigh in?
Bless you Barb :) I am deliberately not telling myself that I will do this - something that often gets me into trouble - instead I am just exploring this whole thing and trying to stick to 1900 cals or less each day - unless I do excercise and then I can have more if I want to

Thanx MsPiggy and Rose :)

I don't actually have a weigh in day, I don't yet know if i will set one or not - I know from past experiences that having a "bad" week can tend to make me feel disheartened and give up and I don't want to give myself that opportunity if that makes any sense?

I am I'm afraid rather ridculously rebellious, and so it is as if I am tiptoeing around that part of me that would react against being on a diet, and seeing what will or won't work for me

Am still entering everything I eat on the myfitnesspal thingie - and logging all excercise too - this seems to motivate me to think about what i will eat - so that I won't feel hungry or go over the cal allownace or be left at the end of the day with no cals left

It also motivates me to do far more excercise than I have done in a good long while as that means I can still enjoy some of the higher cal foods that I love :)

Around Christmas time I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis - It's the same symptoms as Vertigo only more extreme and brought on by movement of almost any kind rather than by being somewhere high up

For months, any time I moved much at all, I would get an attack of this for a week or two - would have to lie very still or else feel extremely dizzy and nauseous

Thankfully I am a lot better now, though i still often get dizzy If I am a bit too strenous with the excercise

I also am glucose intolerant - have been told am on the way to diabetes so i know it really is in my best interests to lose at least some weight now

So anyway - I suppose I feel like there is a mountain to climb, and that it is a mountain that must be climbed, and I am attempting to pace myself very gently as I have a long way to go

Many thanks for popping into my little thread, this place is really helping me ever so much

All the best to you
Afternoon Blossums!

Congratulations on the loss so far! I'm like you and the second i say that i'm on a diet i think "FEED ME!!!!!"
It will take a little bit of time but it will come off. Just keep at it, the people on this site are wonderful, inspirational and friendly and they will help you thru it every step of the way!

Good luck with it hun!


you are in the right frame of mind to achieve great results hun...keep that positive thinking..and don't look on it as a diet, it does play havoc with the mind!..look at it as a lifestyle change..and those little changes make huge differences. Have a great and successful day :)
Thankyou both :)
Am defo the same Kate! And thankyou Rose, is really nice to hear that :)

Am over the moon, checked the scales this morning and another 1 lb off! If I lose just a few more pounds I will be the lightest I have been for a good couple of years :) - I have hovered up and down between 17st 8 and 18st 8 for the past 2 years or more

Very pleased :D
Had a funny little patch yesterday, where I was feeling hungry (and realised that i had been feeling quite hungry most days until evening) I was also feeling a bit deprived - when I thought about what I wanted for lunch, sausage chips and beans came to mind, or chocolate!

So well I thought I've been in this sort of frame of mind before - if I deprive myself too much I end up rebelling against it and having a few days eating all the things I missed. I didn't want this to happen so decided I could have a hash brown with my low fat sausages and veg

Also decided to mix my diet up a little, eating more earlier on in the day and less in the evening

I bought myself some petit filous and had one last night as a sweet treat, along with a bit of mango - yummy :)

So anyway today has been easier, I had more for breakfast and more for lunch, not been feeling hungry today at all :)

Made a large salad for lunch -

1/2 can flageolet beans,
1/2 can cut green beans,
1/3 packet of sweet n crsipy salad
some red onion
cherry tomatoes - all different colours
with 2 tbsp of Kraft light honey and mustard dressing

And, a small can of salmon mixed with 1 tbsp mayo and a tsp of sushi vinegar

Really nice and so filling I've got a little bit left :)
beany salads are good - filling and tasty, but a bit windy too!

I used to make a mexican one with beans, onions, tomato puree, lemon juice and tabasco... haven't made it in ages, but your post reminded me!

You are doing really well, keep it up - my BMI was 37 when I started this last August, now it's just under 27... I haven't rushed, I have had days off, meals out and some boozy evenings... but overall, Ive been more careful on a daily basis, and it's still going, slowly but surely!

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