I lost some weight!

Discussion in 'All Other Diets' started by ChubLock, 16 January 2008.

  1. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member


    Minus 1.5kg aka -3lb :D Over the moon (only been trying since sunday, but weigh in days are on Wednesdays).

    I'm back there next week. Gonna see if I can do -3lbs again :D
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  2. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Well-Known Member

    :happy096: Thats great well done.Lucyxx
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  3. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member

    It just spurs you on doesn't it? Oh yay :D (I WILL be a size 14 by June ;), I'm determined)
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  4. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    clever girl !! xx
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  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Well done Curvy lass on your 3lbs. off this week:happy096:

    Love Mini xxx
  6. cah-ching

    cah-ching Well-Known Member

    well done chick!!! xxx
  7. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the support guys :)
  8. c2b

    c2b Regular Member

    Oh well done minty, the lovely Stumps won't recognise you soon :D
  9. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member

    Thanks Laura ;) :D
  10. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Well-Known Member

    well done.

    what have you been doing, healthy eating and exercise?
  11. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member

    Well I only started on Sunday (properly). I've just been trying to eat better, still need to up the exercise but struggling to fit it in/afford it really!

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