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I love my shaker!!


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Lol! I was the same until someone said (think it was Nictastic) that they had a mini electric wisk from Tesco's. I went and bought one and it is now my new best friend!
Deadly with the chicken flavour and hot water mind!!
My shakes were lumpy when I started but between my Tupperware shaker and electric blender they are now soooooooooooooooooo lush!

Amazing the difference it makes isn't it?

OMG the thought of not using a magimix turbo nutter blender to blitz those zits and the ice fill me with dred - It would be worse than drinking one of Howdys special protein drinks:D
I find the shaker very handy if Im on a day out, but at home you cant beat the blender


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I went and bought myself a niffty little hand blender as the lumps made me retch..FANTASTIC...but after two weeks of constant use, its now broken and i have to use a whisk :'(
I am yet to buy a shaker. I take my jug and hand blender with me everywhere!
Trish x


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It's the same for me I was getting fed up with the old measuring jug and whisker stood there for 5 minutes beating the hell out of the shake to get the lumpy bits out :D But I bought a shaker for 4 pounds 50 and it is now my new best friend :D
*loves her shaker but hates the way it smells now even after the most thorough washing lol*
I need one of these - where do I get one? I just had the most disgusting warm lumpy yucky choc mint shake and I had to throw half of it away. Bleeeurgh.


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Sure you can, but we have to go to a Chemist to be weighed and collect our shakes, and they sell the shakers. If you go on the Lipo Trim website, check where your nearest participating Chemist is and give them a ring to check they have one. Otherwise, go to the sort of health shop that bodybuilders use, they have them for protien shakes.
Hope this helps yooz Laydeez! xx
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