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I`m losing the plot :/ **MENTIONS FOOD**

I started on 810 plan yesterday and found it very easy (please don`t shoot me!) but for some reason after work, I bought loads of crap for the kids??? I spent £20 on junk :(

Then today after work, I did the same thing again?? I have bought 2 huge packs of Haribo sweets, 2 packets of Maryland Cookies, a big tub of 12 mini Toffee Yum Yums and a pack of 12 Profiteroles for after tea :eek::(

I dunno why I seem to have gone off the rails buying loads of crap I wouldn`t usually since starting my diet??

My friend said it could be cos I want to be eating it, But most of what I bought I can`t eat anyway and wouldn`t buy if I COULD eat it. So I just don`t get it?? :confused:

I`m really losing the plot :sigh:

Kids love it tho cos they don`t usually get loads of junk haha

In my defence, I also bought my little one a pack of grapes & apple slices :innocent0002:

Anyone else as mental as me?? lol

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Lol I am sort of the same, I make fantastic meals for my husband and girls, I start from scratch and make it all doing curries and stews. I never do that when I am not dieting its always the quickest thing I can russle up like a curry from a jar where you add the meat. Tonight their having pizza with a home made base. Glad to know I am not on my own. Good luck.


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I was in the shop earlier and was thinking of what yummy dinner I could cook up the girls an billy for tea and normally I just russle owt up haha
Yep I did it when I first started! Went to tesco and thought the doughnuts looked yummy so took some in to my husbands work for all the lads lol.xx
Glad to hear I`m not the only nutter :rolleyes: haha

I am also a serial sniffer!! I sniff and touch all the things I can`t have lmao

Some people think I`m mad for "torturing" myself, But it doesn`t actually bother me that I can`t eat them?? :confused:

I stood in the bread isle today and just sniffed to my hearts content cos all the diff breads smelled DIVINE! And I can`t eat bread!

Maybe I need committing lmfao

I also cook and bake when I am SSing (or once I get past the first day or so!). Yesterday, I made risotto, beef casserole, baby new potates roasted with rosemary & coarse sea salt (my 7 year old helped!) then we baked blueberry muffins! My husband who is very supportive thinks that's great but thinks I am mental as I then watch cookery shows and read cookery books! Talk about water torture!

So no, you are not mental!
So no, you are not mental!
I probably am, But just in good company ;) hehe

I am baking tomorrow with my 5yr old :D



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i mentioned that i was doing this (cooking from scratch etc) and someone said it was quite common and called food porn!


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I turn into a feeder too when I'm on CD. Cook and buy snacks and discuss what my housemates fancy for dinner and watch cooking shows! Lol! I think it helps feed the mental hunger with mental images. Although my housemates joke it's so as I slim they grow lol! :) x


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I definitely do it... stock up for the kids and even buy chocolate for friends... it's like, if I can't have it, someone should! And it's definitely self-torture, but also a way of testing the self-control! Very weird...

Me too
I've become a feeder on this diet!


hoping for a good loss
I become a feeder too lol and a serial sniffer


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you are all nuts lol. i cant bare being around food. I had a go at hubby yesterday asi came home from work and he brought the kids fish & chips. It was a treat for them but i went nuts lolxxx
I do the same,I have buy so many crisp and stuff for the kids and I have the cupboard at home full of stuff ,even that I dont give then all of that but is like someone ,even if its not me,should eat then.I have also being baking with Zion (my eldest),but not trying even a little piece.

Serial feeders we are!!!!


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Once I get past the first three to five days -- then I change from being and eater to a feeder. I bake, cook, experiment, do the deep breathing in the bake shop, etc.

But, for some reason I never get past having a difficult time watching people cook or eat on the tele.



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Maybe i am the mad one then as i am the only one that doesnt lol xxx


Why Be Normal?
What Diet are you using?

Maybe i am the mad one then as i am the only one that doesnt lol xxx
What diet are you using?

I think most of the people who are doing the "food porn" thing (and that is an apt analogy) -- are going without food altogether.

I think the "being in ketosis" makes you not hungry, but you still have all your emotional issues (and habits, traditions, etc.) centered around food that you somehow have to manage.



Nearly a yummy Mummy
im a cd returner day 4 of ss xxxxx


Why Be Normal?
@Dione --

The last time you did CD... it didn't get any better once you were in ketosis?

If it didn't for me... I do not think I could have stuck out the 12 weeks on SSing on LL.


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