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I messed up


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S: 128kg C: 128kg G: 95kg BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Argh, I've been doing so well for the past 7 weeks but this afternoon I messed up big time :(. I had half a pack of biscuits (we have cupboards full of biscuits and chocolate in the office). I don't know why I did it, tonight is my weigh in and I always feel nervous the hours before my WI. Why oh why?? I hope it didn't get me out of ketosis :sigh:. Anyway, nothing I can do now. I just had a moment of "what the hell, I don't care". I always seem to mess up once I get compliments, it seems I'm trying to sabotage myself, does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hope you're all doing better than me!
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miss jelly tot

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Bless you, most of us have done it. Draw a line and start again.

Unfortunately im sure you will be out of ketosis. Hope the WI goes ok


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S: 128kg C: 128kg G: 95kg BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Thanks Miss Jelly Tot. I still have to have 2 shakes today (I'm on four a day). Do you think I should still have them? I'm tempted not to have anything more in order to limit the damage.
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i'm certainly no expert but if it were me i'd draw a line under it and carry on with the other packs- get straight back into routine of times etc :) x


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agnes do have your packs they are very important for all your nutritional needs

and dont worry it was a little blip you will fine again tomorrow


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S: 128kg C: 128kg G: 95kg BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Aw, thanks guys. Yes, I should just forget about it and have my packs as usual. I'll let you know tomorrow how my WI went. Thanks for the support.


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My heads turned to cotton wool so can't work it out but you've done fabulously well. You can't change what you've done so take a deep breath and put it behind you xx


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Hi Agnes

I know how you feel.. last year, when I lost just over 2 stone, after each WI (and this is not good ppl) I used to go and get a chinese take away.. Check that out.. must have taken my body 4 days to shift that and then start to loose weight.. If I hadn't done that I could have shifted 4 stone! So hey.. its done, and now over, get back on the CD train and good luck at your WI. Let us know how you got on. xx


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S: 128kg C: 128kg G: 95kg BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Phew! Thanks so much, your posts made me realise I'm not the only one doing silly things. Trying to breathe deeply and not freak out, still have loads of stuff to finish at work before I can leave around 6 to see my CDC. I'll be honest with her and tell her what happened today. She's very nice but quite strict and old enough to be my mother which makes me a bit nervous about admitting what I've done. But hey, I'm losing the weight for me, not her.

Eternalflame, your post about the Chinese takeaway made me smile, it's strange how our minds work sometimes. I don't even know why I did it, I wasn't hungry, just a bit bored that's all.

Anyway, it's not the end of the world, I just have to keep focussed now.

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