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I messed up!!

S: 17st6lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 2st11lb(15.98%)
Hey guys,

Okay so I thought I would be honest and let you all know I've been a stupid mare today and picked at things.. :(Here's a list on what I've had..

2 sips of cherry coke
1 extra strong mint
4 bacon crisps
1 chunk of chicken
1 oven chip
2 cheese and onion crisps
(I didn't have whole bags of crisps just 6 single crisps)

I think the reason was that I had a LT soup last night and felt soo ill after, I even had to throw half away!! I then decided to motivate myself by stepping on the scales this morning.. I am ony 2lbs down since my last weigh in and was bitterly disapointed!!:(:mad:

I know it's not an awful lot but I feel really angry at myself for picking..:mad:
I don't know if you're knocked out of ketsosis straght away but I'm really hungry now but am determined to pick myself back up and get straight back on the wagon!!

I have one more soup to get through before my next weigh in and was wondering would it be really bad just to skip one meal tomorrow as I really don't think I can stomach them anymore!?:confused::confused:
They were really lovely the first few I had but the last 2 have made me really ill !!:sigh::(

Thankyou for reading this rather long post and hope you are all doing well? xxx
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Hey, dont worry about the slip up, just start again. I was on lipotrim before and this happened to me too and like an idiot I gave up which I bitterly regret now. Imagine how youll feel if you give up now, you will regret it in a few weeks when the scale goes up again. You owe it to yourself to keep going with this despite the hiccups. Please dont do what I did, honestly I regretted it. You will be in ketosis after a few days again. Youve done great so far and even a 2 pound loss is better than nothing and deffo better than seeing number on scales going up. You can do this!!!!!!!!! x
S: 17st6lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 2st11lb(15.98%)
Thankyou for the replyand your support.. I know I should be thinking 13lbs the first week and 2lbs this week means over a stone gone in 2 weeks but I guess it's just a bit crap after last weeks weigh in lol..
I have no doubt in my mind I will be able to pick myself back up and continue on this (with NO soups) lol.. I just feel a bit down(and hungry!!) today :( After being sooo good up to now !!

I did see 2 magpies earlier twice!! So hopefully I have joy at my weigh in on tuesday!? You know 1 for sorrow, two for joy.. Maybe I will have double joy hehe!! xx
hi , just put this day behind you, so you had a bad day... 2morrow is a new 1 xxx
i myself dont like the soups and just stick to shakes, but hopefully u havent done enuff to slip out of ketosis, but if u have itl only take a day or 2 2 get back in2 it... as 4 the 2lb that wud make 15 in 2weeks thats absolutely brilliant, my pharmasist always say to look at the monthly figure instead of concentrating on the weekly....as your body dusnt no when one week ends and the other begins if this makes sense.. (it does in my head lol)
so good luck for your brand new day 2morrow xxxx
S: 17st6lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 2st11lb(15.98%)
Thanks for your reply and your support.. I'm feeling a bit better now and like you said I'm going to put today behind me and pick it back up tomorrow.. It's so nice to have people to talk to on here as I don't have anyone at home that will support me as they all think it's bad to basically starve myself .. I'm just ignoring them but maybe today I gave in and thought maybe they're right and if I'm honest I think I ate to please them :( Which is sad really as they should support me or at least pretend ?? Oh well here's to tomorrow!!

Goodluck and Take Care xx

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