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i might have to give up

That would be a real shame if you had to give up as you are doing really well, your health is most important though.

Hope the doctor can sort out these head aches for you. x

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Are you sure they are related to LL?
Have you tried speaking to your LLC or their head office? they may be able to help.
It would be a shame to give up when you've got so far.
my llc tells me ( as most of you have) i need to drink more water but i do drink as much water as i can , i only get these headaches when i have been up and about for a couple of hours then they kick in and last all afternoon , they really are severe and i can't concentrate on my job when they kick in , i never get them in the evenings either which is a bit odd :(


Fighting Demons....
Do you have a stressful job per chance!?

I used to get a lot of stress headaches. And they were horrid. Resulted in anxiety attacks and all sorts. Left that job and the headaches stopped!

B x


Guess who's back...?
Awwww N.B., that's a real bugger! Health definitely comes first, but just make sure you find out the reasons why before you give up on all your hard work so far...

They could be stress related, or just simply a delayed reaction (some people get them during the first few weeks and this is normal)... speak to your LLC and ask her to contact the medical team at LL head office, once your GP gives you a better idea of what's what. Try and pin point what you are doing when they come on, and see if there is a pattern.

Whatever you do - health comes first, but I hope it works out and you can continue to your goal on LL.

Lots of love x
went to the doctors today and they can't say if the pains are LL related or not but i am going in for blood tests and she advised me to see an optician incase they are related to a vision problem , i will stay on LL for now and to be honest , even though LL is very hard i would like to stay on it if possible as if i come off i will be gutted in a few months when i realise if i had stuck to it i would have been thin by now ( if you get what i mean) :wave_cry: i waill wait to see what my tests show up. thanks all x :)
*comes in to the thread just a little late...*

Hope you get on with the tests OK, it'd be a shame if you had to leave after all the hard work you've put in so far :(

Keep thinking positive thoughts! :D

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Glad you're sticking with LL.
You said you're probably not drinking enough water, I always know if I've not drank enough, I get stonking headaches.
Find a way to drink more if you can, have you tried the drink flavourings? you can have them warm & that will count as your intake for the day. Are you actually monitoring the amount you drink?
I use 2 x 2 litre bottles & refill them every day, I also decant into a sports bottle & carry that around with me all day.
This way I always have water ready to drink & I know that I've drank enough by the end of the day.


LighterLife Returner
Hi Nhots,

If you do have to leave LL, don't leave cold-turkey (if you pardon the expression). Try and get a condensed Route To Managment from your counseller - That way, you can learn a few tips on keeping what you have lost off...

Also, some people have an adverse reaction to sweetener - did you use to take them before Lighter Life? do you use them a lot now? if so, maybe try not using them for a while?

Also, Lighter Life have Doctors, who I have emailed in the past for information, and they have responded. You could try dropping them an email...