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I miss alcohol

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
Nights out are thoroughly boring without the alcohol part :( :( :(. It's also a bit strange to go to bed sober and wake up sober after a night out, it shows that part of the reason you feel bad is just sleep deprivation.

On the plus side I was good and did not spoil my ketosis with a drink. On the minus side, so bored of sobriety!!!
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Can hug her knees :)
Well done for resisting the temptation xx


Can hug her knees :)
And just to say, it's so not worth it, I caved last night and had 2 small glasses of wine, woke up this morning and felt fine ( I thought I'd feel rough as old boots as I hadn't eaten for 5 days) but oh my god I am totally starving now, feels like day 1 all over again, I so won't be doing it again :(
There are some advantages. My best mate got thoroughly inebriated by 4.30pm yesterday (not entirely her fault, she drank wine on an empty stomach) - it was quite strange to be the sober onlooker helping her shop (eg, not knock over a market stall) at a busy Covent Garden.
But yes, I miss the fun of being a little bit tipsy. And another moan, I sat through yet another boozy restaurant lunch ...and this time I'd forgotten to bring a CD pack, so it was black coffee and sprakling water. But its all worth it!

Can I ask, what will happen to Stephen Fry in 21 days??

(Was thinking that you are going to a SF performance but maybe you are due to meet him at a literary lunch - just being curious!)
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Hi Pandora,
Im on a low carb diet and cannot have alcohol for the first month, and I know how you feel. I miss my nightly glass(es) of vino terribley, and cant remember the last time I've been 8 days with no alcohol for many many years.
Yes, its boring and evenings are somewhat strange, but i'm sleeping well and my husband is both supportive ( i think he secretly thinks i have been drinking too much for too long) and pleased.
However, I just keep thinking of the calories I am not injesting that probably contributed significantly to my wt problem and the bigger goal of loosing this weight relatively quickly.

Abstain. I think its worth it.

Best wishes, Jenny
I gave up drinking 4 years ago and don't miss it one bit !!!

We are usually better sober than drunk

I was out Friday night with collegues and most were piddled and acting like prats :D not being smug but I like remembering what I said the night before these days!

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
I gave up drinking 4 years ago and don't miss it one bit !!!

We are usually better sober than drunk

I was out Friday night with collegues and most were piddled and acting like prats :D not being smug but I like remembering what I said the night before these days!
Well I've never been able to drink so much I couldn't remember what I'd said :p but I just don't really like to dance sober (too shy), so that makes going to a club a bit pointless really! I feel a bit low today because I was just standing to one side while my bf and his friends were having fun.

I get asian flush because I am half Chinese so I've never been able to have more than a few. Having read about the dangers of drinking while ketotic (haven't looked at those other threads yet but have had a read of similar ones) I can imagine that it would be much worse in someone who can't break down acetaldehyde properly, so I'm not really tempted by a tipple.

Before CD I hadn't had more than one drink for a long time and I miss being able to let my hair down on a night out. :( I've been to the cinema a lot recently so may well just be sticking to that sort of thing...
It's funny, I was just saying to my boyfriend that I don't think that I've refrained from drinking alcohol for so long in my life, it's been 7 weeks now, it must be a record! :)

I actually don't miss it that much, I certainly don't miss the hangovers and I also love remembering my nights out too! ;-). I did used to drink to excess so my liver appreciates this diet too Im sure :)
But, forgot to say that I totally know where you are coming from as I went to a party on Friday night and it was pretty boring without the alcohol, I'm the same as you I was too shy to dance without it lol.

And wow, about the Stephen Fry thing, I love him! :)

How about a swap - I'm seeing an Elton John impersonator tommorow night known as 'Rocket Man'. Saw a flyer for the event yesterday, not yet convinced of the 'look-a-likey' factor, perhaps I will be stunned by the vocals?!
LOL, it will take my mind off food for a couple of hours.
sometimes i cope really well on the no drinking front i have been doing it for 17 weeks now and have had loads of nights out, family parties, BBQ's and girlie nights and have been clubbing till 3am no probs but last night hubby was having a glass of wine and i really fancied one but i get through it by thinking its not forever and i really want to feel better in my clothes and about myself and i don't think i will go back to drinking the way i used to well i say that now lol.

But we are doing really well and we will be skinny mini's soon and standing in the pub feel great with a drink in hand

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