I miss diet coke?


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i thought it would be the hardest thing for me to give up i used to call it champagne but i've hardly even thought about it.
i think the reason for not having it is its got citric acid in it which can affect ketosis.
i drink a lot of sparkling water now only about 17p for 2 ltrs from most large supermarkets, can add flavourings as well.
have heard coke zero is ok though,


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it isn't allowed on cambridge because it makes people want to eat conventional food, leading to people falling off plan more regularly when they use it. i'm pretty sure that's the reason they stopped it being on the vlcd plans.

abz xx


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See I don't get why you're not allowed it full stop now. last year you were allowed coke zero and now this year you're not? If you can stick to one can a day you will find you'll still be in keytosis no matter what they say. Just no lemon! I always had diet coke if i had to go out to the pub etc I had it with no ice or lemon and always still in the pink. I've yet to find someone who actually got kicked out for drinking diet coke...