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I need a buddy

Thanks Sarah,

I have been on and off S/S for so long its time I sorted myself out. I want to try and shed 2 stone by the end of April if I can. My main problem is I start well and by the end of the day I give up.
I have no clothes to wear as nothing fits but cant justify buying bigger outfits when I have 2 wardrobes bursting with nice clothes I so want to wear.
I have been to CDC today and got my weeks supply, I must get into this tomorrow and stick with it.
i no the feeling about the clothes, it really annoys me coz ive got loads of clothes from sizes 8 to 20.. and i refuse to buy anything else... im just starting tomorrow so need as much help as i can get, and its nice to have someone to go through it all with..
Lets pledge to both start tomorrow no excuses, we can talk everyday and keep each other going.
What day do you get weighed, shall we weigh on our own scales or post what we weigh when we see our CD's?
i reckon we should use out own scales! and definatley start tomorrow, im really looking forward to it, makes it all the more fun if yr doing with with sum1 else..

that didnt sound right did it lol:rolleyes:
my msn is [email protected]

got to pick the kids up from the youth club now ! look forward to chatting
I am looking forward to starting now, I will weigh in tomorrow am and get my correct starting weight.
If you do the same we can post out start weights and keep track from there.
I will send you a pm as well. Good Luck Sarah.
howdee doodee spingador... been for my weigh in this morning and im 13st 10 3/4lb, by her scales.. got all my goodies for tomorrows start and i cant wait!

hows it going today for u? hope its not too bad
Hey girlies,
Would you mind if I join the 2 of you?
I too have been on and off for a while now.
I started at 17stone back in May last year and am now down to 13 stone 8lbs.
Am on day 3 of getting back on ss with a weigh in tomorrow.
Oh and I am 5ft 7ish.
My email is [email protected] and my msn is the same

fine by me clare! you've done really well aswel getting down from 17stone. i was that a few years ago and got down to 13st something but put a bit back on.....

1st day for me tomorrow but springador started today...
good luck for tomorrow and let us know what happens
stick with it springador... dont give in.. im usualy ok at evening time for food wise anyway, during the day gets me!
well done on yr 1st day
I've had 2 shakes plus about 3 litres of water.
But really want to sink my teeth into something.
Come on girl, be storng.
You do not need food

how are we feeling today? ive had my 1st shake of the day and a litre of water, gooooo me!! i didnt think the shake would be so filling, but it was....

think i might see how it goes today with them and i might split them and have 6 small drinks instead of 3 coz i really did struggle with the 1st 1 this morning... see how it goes

clare..... dont u dare, step away from the food.... think ahead and the weight your going to loose... keep up with the water, i thought it wud of been harder than it is, but well it's only the morning!
springador... how it going? hope u didnt give in last night...


Hi Sarah,
I am feeling really ill this morning, woke up with a stinking cold, not hungry so thats a good thing at the moment. Good Luck with your 1st day.
Hey girlies,
Hope you are doing well.
Springador, sorry you are feeling **** - don't use this as an excuse to fall off the wagon.
I had my first shake about an hour ago and 2 litres of water so far. supposed to see my cdc today but have arranged to see her tomorrow instead as I have meetings at work this afternoon.
feeling quite good but its at night that I struggle. After I have gone home I just want to munch.
Its worse when I am on my own so need to keep myself busy as OH is working away tonight.
On a good note, my tight jeans are feeling a bit looser. Don't leave such a red mark on my waist.

Keep going
stay positive
Hello Girls, I would love to join you all! I am new to CD SS and started today. My start weight is 11st 7 and I would like to lose 2 st by end of April, then a further 1 st after that....by the way, I'm only 5ft ish....so given the difference in heights....we sound roughly the same (ish!)
good morning ladies!!! how are we doing today??

muzza- welcome to the club, you'll be there in no time at all.. just keep posting and u'll get any support u need..

peachy- well dont on yesterday hunn, it only gets easier, i struggled yesterday when they had their BIG tea, but no i held strong and didnt touch anything!! ive been reading loads aswel, keeps my mind of food..good job i have loads of books i think lol! well done with your jeans, it feels really good doesn't it wen they get looser.. keep going and good luck for today!

springador.. i hope your feeling better today, typical isnt it, as soon as you start something new something jumps up to put you back! but i hope your ok today, keep going with yr cd and let us know how yr doing!

Hi I been on CD since begining of Jan but cant seem to get really into it, am jus looking for some help and advice from people who are on the same, i seem to start well but it usually goes the wrong way by the middle of the week. Any advice on how i can keep my mind on the diet is welcome :)

well i need to hang my head in shame:sign0007::sign0007::ashamed0005::ashamed0005: NOT a good night last night at all... i had a bowl of cereal and half a chicken kebab... GOD KNOWS WHY.....oh well back on the wagon today i think

amjahy- i no its hard at 1st but to be honest i just look at where i want to be in 3 months time and that really does keep me going..

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