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I need a buddy

Hi Pretika, im the same height as you but i have about 4 stone left to lose. Im a PA and spend most of my day sat at a desk. Hows your first day going? What have you had so far? I had porridge for brekkie and leek and potato soup for lunch which was quite nice. Im just on my 3rd litre of water for the day. Im gonna try and make that last as long as possible as i have my weigh in tonight and i dont want to be weighed with a belly full of water lol

I have had a strawberry shake and a spicy tom soup. I have just completed 2 ltr of water. I am not feeling too bad.. It will be a little more difficult tonight at home - I think the smell of food is what temps me. A good tip my counsellor suggested was to keep some mouthwash in the kitchen and use it if i felt hungry - it should put me off the food.

I hope i go in to ketosis soon - I know some people dont get there for 5 days or so...you seem to have done reallly well. do you have any tips??


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Hi Pretika, I'm on day three & feel not so good. I've gone into ketosis this morning, so hopefully will be coming out the other side by tomorrow.....

I'm not having the soups, just shakes. Strawberry for brekkie, half a vanilla with coffee & ice in, choc at about 6ish & then other half of vanilla with coffee about 8, & lots of water!

The best tip I could give you is to make sure you can go to bed early.... Sooner to sleep, the sooner it's the next day. lol

I've even managed to make teas for my ds1 & df, it's taking some will power though....

I'm also the same height as you & have three stone to lose.... Good luck x
For the first week it was just sheer will power that kept me going. Each day i would say to myself 'just get through today and see how you feel tomorrow' and the same the next day. Once you get to weigh in day you will feel great. If you feel tempted, go and have a long soak in the bath with a good book and have a few early nights. If all else fails, come on here and have a look at some of the amazing before and after pics and read about other peoples sucessful journeys, it makes you more determined to carry on.

Good luck

Hi thanks - nearly the end of a working day - It has not been too bad at all....but the real challenge is when I get home and the kids and Man are eating.

I already have a metalic taste in my mouth - so hopefully ketosis is not too far away.

Do you guys weigh yourself everyday?


Back on the wagon
Hi Pretika,
Welcome to the wonderful world of CD. I'm 5'3" and when I started again in the middle of August was 13 stone 6 (I think) Now weighing in at 12 6 (as of last sunday) so it is coming off.

Im an administrator so again, spend all day sat at my desk. I have been exceptionally good this week so looking forward to a good loss on Sunday.

Keep glugging. If you wanna chat through e-mail at work, you can email me on [email protected]

Speak soon



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You shouldn't weigh yourself everyday as you can fluctuate quite a bit with totm & retaining.

BUT that said I've been weighing myself just to keep myself motivated for the first week.... It's working too, I've lost 5lb already & I'm on day three. I'm starving, & feel rotten, but seeing that loss on the scale is spurring me on!
Hi all,

So I am in to day 3 - I did a ketostick test and it showed that I am already in ketosis. I certainly have more energy and I dont feel hungry - until I get home about 7. I am drinking loads of water which I think is curbing my appetitie. I suppose the weekend is the next challenge. I have family around on Saturday - and I will be cooking... But I am determined to keep going - how have you all been??
Hi Pretika

Pleased to hear you are getting on ok. Im now into week 3 and have started having the bars and they are lovely. Just tucking in to my porridge at the moment and iv nearly finished my third litre of water. Today is a good day!
Hi - I take it all back - in the last hour i have developed a stonker of a headache? I am on my 3rd litre of water and I have had 2 CD's now. I hate to say it but I am hungry too....

But I am determined to keep going....
Hi Kazza , thanks I do feel better now that I have had my evening soup. However I thought that I would get on the scales for some motivation.....they show that I have lost NOTHING in the last 3 days since I started... My TOTM is coming up in a few days --- but still I would have expected to lose something!!
Hi Pretika

Keep going, it is hard, but once you have cracked it the weight loss is great. First week I lost around 5.5lbs then 'only' 4 the next week, however as my CDC pointed out that is still over a stone a month and that changed the way I felt about it. Good luck for the weekend.


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