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I need a kick up the bum please ~sobs~

Ugh i dont know whats happened to me :cry: I cant stop having chicken and salad and they aint the right amounts iam having loads :eek:

I had my WI on wednesday and thought i'd have a chicken salad and i promised myself that was it for the week. Then on thursday i had another one and thought right THATS IT. Well on Friday Andreas took me to the metro and we ended up going to spoons and i had a chicken salad again, then saturday i went shopping with my Nan and we stopped off at spoons again and i had another chicken salad and then ANOTHER when i got home for tea, then today i went for sunday lunch at spoons again and had another chicken salad.

I am so upset with myself and i dont know how to get out of this and i dunno what to do :(

I REALLY DONT want to to ss+ i want to stick on ss and get this weight off ASAP :cry:

I felt really nice today as i can start to see my clothes looking a tiny bit bigger on me and i was able to wear a top that didnt fit at chirstmas.

How do i get out of this cycle of haivng a huge chicken salad every night? I have a major kick up the bum please. Tomorrow is the start of 100% ss NO chicken salads at all. I just hope i wont give in again and have one :(

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Lovin it !!! :)
You have to break the habit - apparantly a habit is broken or made after 6 times.
Take it 1 day @ a time - once you have done 1 day of not having it, do another. Might be helpful to avoid going near spoons too - just for now xx


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Tasha, I've PM'd you xxx
Hi Tasha. This is my fear too. I am seriously considering a with food plan (either SS+ or 810) for my daughters' sake, but I worry that I won't manage to be strict enough with quantities etc. In manyways I think SS is 'easy' because it is foodpacks and water, nothing to think about.
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I get the feeling from a few posts that people think SS+ is a slightly more risky version of SS.... when in actual fact its virtually the same calorie wise and the losses are fabulous :)

I know some people want the total break from food altogether...which 'i get & understand' but if it really IS too hard to do a total NO FOOD diet.... is it that bad having ss+ food as part of your diet?

Its a shame to see many people on here upset at having bit of allowed food :( dont like seeing it :(

I hope you find a solution tasha.... I did SS+ (food & milk) in my diet and lost really well had loads to lose weight wise...

Give it all a good thinkover or discuss it with your CDC x


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
I agree, I've been on SS+ for the past few weeks and my losses (always low) are the same as they were on SS. I'm going back onto SS because I have a total lack of self control - it's all or nothing with me so I think nothing is better in this case.


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But it is more dangerous and difficult, isn't it? SSing takes food out of the equation... it's hard for a week or two but then it's a breeze... having greens allowed or chicken only opens the flood gates for some. No protection from ketosis in most cases and no Off-switch to say we have had enough food makes 810 a harder challenge as it involves so much more discipline and will power. Congratulations mrsessex for having that amount of discipline, it will probably pay off as you are already well versed in mastering temptation and judging portions!


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
That's exactly my reason for going back onto SS, I have no discipline, no self-control and introducing just that small amount of food has made me want MORE, LOTS MORE lol, I think it might be fine for some people, but people like me are better off sticking to SS where all temptation is removed.


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Hi Tasha :) You don't really need a kick up the bum (I mean, it's not like you've been nomming pizza and KFC, is it? :D), you just need to talk with your counsellor and get a plan together to get to where you want to be. You are already addressing part of the problem by making yourself aware that you have to change the behaviour, and with a little guidance and support I am sure you will be back to your plan and feeling good. Take care, and let us know how you get on! xxx
Thanks everyone

I think the problem started when i said to myself i would have a ss+ day on a Friday, then i started to change the day and then i would change the day and also have a ss+ day on the friday too. I just really need to take the food out the picture because i cant seem to control how much i am having. I was even tempted to have a chocolate pudding today after lunch beause i thought well i have blown it by having so many salads might as well have a pudding.... but i thought against it and watched my friends eat one instead. I know what i am doing wrong i just dont know how to stop myself from having it. Once i start to have the salad i cant just have the little bit i am allowed i fill my plate so full the lettace is falling off the side lol. I cant stop laughing now, i am such a greedy imp, i seen my chance by being allowed salad but i couldnt even stick to the right amaounts lol DOH!! I really just need to take all food out the picture and try and stick to ss, i know i can do it just need that will power back. :( xxxx


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i decided to do ss+ as i couldnt cut food out at all, im doing 810 at the mo and im finding its ok,maybe tasha you should go back to just ss and cut food out alltogether, hasve a word with your cdc, i hope you come up with a solution sometime soon xx


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hugs Tasha, it is hard when you get into a habit isn't it.

Nothing wrong with SS+, but have to have moderate amount each time hun.

Hope you can get your head around it. Also, well done on not havng the choccie pudding with it

Charlie xx


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You and me both hun, we can do it!! Hope you're having a 100% day, I am, so far! xx
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aw huni!!! i had a horrible week last week and still struggle making OH and 3rd yr olds dinner without licking fingers!! stay strong :) at least uve had chicken and salad and not lots of carbs! bet uve still lost :) imagine what you would eat if you werent on this diet! x

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