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I need a safety pin for my trousers

I really dont want to by another pair yet.

I hate going into the fat shops :mad:
These trousers are a huge size 24, and I dont want to buy until im size 20, so I think Il buy some pins as they are starting to fall down :):D.

Does a loss of 1 stone = to 1 size?


Bm2lm xx
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I don't know about sizes.. but well done so far!!

Maybe we should start a clothes swapping on here, I'm sure there must be a full spectrum of sizes no-one needs anymore!!!

I've been using safety pins too, tried using a belt but that didn't work and although my Dad has kindly offered me the use of a pair of braces, I had to decline - Not sure that's the look for me. :D
No idea about sizes though, sorry.


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now that's a great idea, why didn't I think of that. I have gone down 3 sizes but luckily had a pair of jeans 1 size smaller than I was wearing but even they are like clown's trousers now. off to get some safety pins.

oh and yes, I tend to find 1 stone=1size for bottoms anyway, my boobs tend to take 2 stones to drop a size.


Have a serene day!!
When I had lost half a stone I cleared out my wardrobe and draws and put all the clothes of 24 and above in the attics, that is the first time I have ever done that when starting a diet, so I reckon I was serious this time, now I have been CDing for over 6 weeks.

We have an M&Co here in our town and I work opposite, they have just finished their sales and before they did I went in there and bought 2 tops one an 18 and another 18/20, then I went into our seconds shop and bought a pair of 20 trousers.

My work wardrobe is really small so I am having to wash and wear, but I am blowed if I am going to buy any more clothes until I have to.

My modus operandi now is to wait until I have lost another 1.5 stone and then perhaps start looking on the sales rails for 16's, and do the same with then with the above clothes that I did with my 24's and aboves.

I have found my shape has changed so much since I was last this weight. When I was 15st for the first time I was a size 20, everything has gone south so much that at 15st I was still a 22-24.
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you are not the only ones! i am DESPERATE for a new pair of work trousers. mine are in danger of falling off! And they look awful...like clowns trousers...not at all flattering! but blow me if i can find any new trousers that fit properly! either too baggy or too tight on the general posterior area!!...not a good look...especially if i bend down and the stitching decides to give way!
I'm the same too,tops I can get away with but my trousers are lookin ridiculous.There all too long now as well because they sit on my hips and I actually tripped today,shoe got caught in the hem!so off to the shops this weekend for me!
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
hey poppa! just noticed that we have nearly the same amount of weight to lose and we are both at around the same loss!! crazy! AND we are aiming for the same BMI!!!
This thread was wrote for me today i think lol,

All day my work colleagues have been laughing at me because i keep pulling my trousers up. They have even become too long for me so they are starting to trail on the floor. I dont want to buy myself some new trousers yet so i will have to invest in a good belt x
Well, I have given all my 18+ clothes to charity...I have a few bits that fit now in size 14 and a couple of small 16s and there is no way in hell I am buying anymore!! Apart from the fact that I am flat broke, I need to keep my lack of wearable clothes as an incentive to keep going at CD!!
I think ASDA and Matalan (not the hardest wearing of clothes sometimes) trousers are around £6 per pair... But if they do in the between sizes worth it.... and then there is their £4 jeans ;) I think that is my plan of action once I get on it if I find I have nothing to wear, but I think the bottom of my wardrobe has got 8,10,12 and 14's, so I think bra's and knickers will be my major expenses... (unless I go knickerless :rolleyes:)

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