I need advice


My friend has been doing Lipotrim for a while.. she is now off it and she is finding the weight is slowly piling back on.. She is really upset about it... I am finished my second week and am worried when I finish this will happen me too.. I want to go back to a normal life of eating and having a drink... This is really disheartening.. can anyone ease my mind??
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As long as you follow the refeed and maitenance and then healthy eat (ie not go back to our old eating habits and portions) then you will be fine hun, also try adding more excercise it always helps to keep the weight off xx


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Hi hun, it depends what we mean by having a normal life. I haven't start refeeding yet but I'm confident that if I follow the refeed carefully that I will maintain my new life and have the occasional drink/meal out etc.

I can never go back to my previous lifestyle or I will definitely put it all back on. Did your friend do the refeed properly and is she careful about what she is eating? Not being personal about your friend but however we lose the weight, if we go back to old habits we will put weight back on. Maintainence is a whole new process of learning.

Also is there a mistake on your ticker or is your BMI really at 19.1? If it is then that seems pretty low if you don't mind me saying and I think anybody would struggle to maintan a super low body weight. Sorry if that seems a bit cheeky x


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as the others have said you cant lose the weight then go back to your old eating habits without puting the weight on
the diet of no food is to help you educate your eating habits so its all about thinking what your putting in your mouth
I personally can not go back to how I was before so will be very very careful with what I eat when I have succeeded on Lt
If you look on the Refeed section there is lots more advice
all the best