I need all the support I can get. Thanks!!!

Hi everyone,

I tried CD last Saturday, all guns blazing. My first shake was a cappucino, I threw up after. But didn't give up, I drank loads of water about 3 litres throughout the day. I had a Chicken & Mushroom mid afternoon and another that evening. The first C & M was ok, but the 2nd one was hard to swallow. I got up Sunday morning and had toast and coffee. Failed before I started really. I know the first 3 days are the toughest, but that was ridiculous. I can't take food out of the house completely, because I have others to feed.

Can I split the sachets in half and therefore, have 6 drinks throughout the day?

Is it ok to still have my coffee (without sugar and milk of course)? I have forgotten most of what the counsellor said. I am so encouraged by what I have read on this forum, but I am not sure I can do this.

My family say I am fine the way I am and I know that I have 40lbs to lose (I might go another 7lbs after that, I will see). There are people on this forum that have more to lose than myself and people who have lost almost what I currently weigh (187). What fantastic jobs everyone has done.

I was 7lbs from my original target weight of 147 on Xmas Eve in 2005 from cutting down calorie intake (no real restrictions and walking). Only now that I have put all the weight back on (no ones fault but my own, work hours changed, so couldnt walk anymore and started eating like a fool) do I realise the last 7lbs didn't matter. So if I could get back to my Xmas Eve weight by this Xmas Eve it would be great. I was the most comfortable in my own skin that I have ever been in my life (no exaggerating) and the last 7lbs didn't matter. I walked tall and was so confident, I was a new person and I WANT THAT FEELING BACK!!!!!:( :( :( :( :(

So any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry just between clients so a quick answer!

Yes you can split the packs so go for it!

And yes it is ok to have black coffee with tablet sweetener.

Hi, good luck with your weightloss I hope you get there by christmas eve (me too by then!)

I found the cappuccino one sickly too so added coffee to it and halved the pack so it wasn't as sickly after that. I don't think I'll get it again though.

I don't know what you can do about having food in the house other than making sure you resist it by your own will power. I know it's hard, I have 3 kids to feed and my job is working with food so I definately understand the temptations, but it has to be you that is ready for this diet and you have it within yourself to do it if you really want to.

I wouldn't personally like to have the same flavour twice in one day unless thats all you can eat. try making sure you mix them up enough so you don't get left with all one kind so you get no variety in flavours
Hi and Welcome!
Sorry to hear you had such a reaction. I have 3 shakes a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner style. But know that others split them between 6 small drinks. Or some have them in one evening.. so it's all up to you, as long as you have them, and as long as you drink your water. Remember that coffee isn't counted in your consumption of water.. it's in addition :) And might be worth having de-caf to stop any cravings later on... you'll have caffeine withdrawl initially of course.

your goal of 40lbs should be really easy to shift with CD. I'm sure once your in ketosis you will get on really well. The hunger certainly disappears... the mental 'habit' and temptation side is harder to control... but we all struggle with that along the way i think.

Stay strong and you'll be reporting on your losses soon! ;)

Hi Beenthredonethat,

Splitting the packs will help at the start and also drinking a glass of water before you have your milkshake helps to dilute the taste, but you do get to like them.

I think it is good to try all the different flavours as to find the ones that you like.

If you like your coffee without milk I don't really see a reason to stop as it is just another withdrawal you can do with out just now.

The first few days are tough enough but once your in ketosis it really does get much easier.

I think we all do have a weight that we feel our best at and it is good you know what is your perfect weight as you can keep this as a goal to achieve.

Wishing you success on your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx
thanks for your comments and advice

I hope this works, I really need a kick start. I had lost 4 pounds myself just by cutting down a couple of weeks ago. I went away for 1 night with my daughter and we had breakfast to the hotel room in the morning just as a treat. The folowing week I was up a pound and a half and my attitude was just "ah sure, I might as well have a bar of choccie, seeing as I am up weight anyway".

So I need this to give me a boost, a big loss in the first week would be a great thing, give me the incentive I need.

I know on the sachets it says a certain amount of water to make them, but can I add more (I know this water is not included in the drinking water amount). Maybe if I watered them down, I wouldn't find they tasted so bad. It shouldn't have any affect on them should it?

Also, is it recommended to do some excercise or should I cut it out for the first few weeks?

Thanks again. :) :)
my CDC said no additional exercise in the first 2 weeks... but not sure if that varies. I'm sure other CDC's will pop up to advise :)

You can put in 'over' 8 fluid oz of water.. so yes you can water them down. :) I personally like a thick shake, but that's just my preference.. i know some like a 'big' shake! ;)

Fingers x'd you get on well. We've all been there with the sod it attitude! lol didn't get my hips/belly/bum/thighs etc from eating salad! :rolleyes:
If I could water them down to the point of them just tasting like water and drinking my litres of water aswell I could probably stick with this.

I hope I can. Because this forum has shown me just how successsful it can be and I hope I will be one of the success stores to.

One thing I have made a mental note of is how important it is to get into proper maintenance as I see some people who have had to restart CD after putting weight back on said they didn't do the maintenance program. Must keep this in mind in the long term.

I will not see some family members until Christmas and it would be fantastic to have lost the weight. No family or friends no about me doing this as I don't think they would be too happy. So this forum is a godsend as it gives me a chance to share my thoughts and quesitons (as my CDC would not be available at 11.30 at night to answer silly quesitons)
Lol you'd be surprised how many of us CDCs are hanging around at 11.30 at night! ;) Like I said on the other thread, you can add as much water as you are comfortable doing but need to drink them within 15 mins. Also, you could consider splitting your packs - having six per day instead of 3 - that might dilute things a bit as well :D