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I need heeeeellllppp!!


needs to focus!!!!
Hey all

im seriously cracking up. I've got 6 and a half weeks until i go on holiday, and i need to lose roughly about a stone so i can fit into my holiday clothes.
Everytime i think i'm back on track something comes up and i lose track for a day, then that day turns into a few days.
I really need to get focused to do this, cause i feel like crying.
I have started going back to the gym, went 3 times last week and i went tonight also, just been doing an hour between the bike and the cross trainer.
I just dont know what i can do or if this is possible!!!!
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh Huney!:grouphugg: Now, what I suggest is you go back to basics. Do a food diary, choose whichever plan is your favourite and eat the maximum you're allowed, and drink lots of water. If you're going to the gym that much and create a big calorie deficit your body will hold on to what it's got! You can't run a Rolls Royce on 2 star! Plus the weight loss from exercising is only 1-2 lbs a month. If you cut back and miss meals you won't lose, and you'll get desperate and eat the wrong things, whereas if you fill up on the plan you should never be hungry. But write it all down, and remember, even if you can't do the stone by the time you go, in the big scheme of things, the world won't stop. (I can only just do the zip of the trousers I bought for my fist holiday abroad for 30 years last year now! Wasn't taking them back because they were too small! I still had a fabulous time, and round the pool there were some really and I mean really big women, so I felt ok) Try to relax a bit and eat all you're allowed and you'll get there sooner than you think. And by Christmas which will be here in no time, you will be slipping into a teeny party frock and really getting the compliments. Good luck!
PS. You will see better results at the gym if you combine your cardio with some high repetition low weight weights. It will change your shape and boost your metabolism. If you are a member then you should have an instructor who will do you a plan, then it will be changed every few weeks. My fave was the rowing machine as it uses all your muscle groups and rally toned me everywhere. (when I went regularly) but if you stick to the same things and don't progress your workouts you don't see the best results.
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needs to focus!!!!
Thanks very much for your reply huni. My problem is that its all my holiday clothes, and i dont have enough money to go and buy new ones, so i need to fit into them!!! i honestly just feel like crying, i feel absolutely massive and its that time of the month just now also.

I've started doing a food diary just yesterday on this forum, to try and keep myself on track, but dont know if it'll help. I just want to eat constantly just now.

I'm going to try and get a programme made up for the gym again, as my last one was ages ago, and i'll vary what i am doing.


Still rockin' it
Hi Mate

I think you need to get your head sorted before any diet in the world will work. You are currently putting yourself under massive pressure and telling yourself you HAVE to do this. I really think that going into any diet with this mentality is doomed to failure- you will get yourself really wound up and almost certainly end up cracking!

I think you need to remove the pressure in order to get success with your weight..... You must have some clothes that you CAN wear on holiday- you can go to Primark or your supermarket and get some cheap basics to mix and match throughout your stay, there may be a friend who can lend you the odd skirt, vest top, sarong.

I am not saying that you can't lose 1 stone before the holiday, but I think you are making it massively difficult for yourself by saving that you HAVE TO.

Good luck, mate xxxx


needs to focus!!!!
i know what your saying, but i also want to lose this weight. I'm not comfy or happy with myself at all just now. I honestly can't afford anything at all, all my money has paid for this holiday. I'm finding it so hard to get focused as there is always one thing or another that seems to come up, like out for family meals etc.

i want to lose this weight much more than i have to, i need to feel happy and comfortable again. Fingers crossed this time. x


Still rockin' it
I'm sure you will do it, mate.
I guess things can sometimes seem worse if you are feeling a bit down at the moment anyway.

As long as you want to do this, there will be nothing big enough to stop you- we all have a few hiccups along the way, but we will still get there if we are determined enough!

Try thinking of all the GOOD things about being slimmer rather than the BAD things about being bigger.

Everytime you are faced with a family meal or something else that may throw you of course, imaging how lovely you will look in your smaller clothes (rather than beating yourself up for how you might look now)

Best of luck, Steph
Its do'able even if you have a ropey day or two - I think its the mindset that 'Ah! ive messed up today I'll start again tomorrow' I get that alot and I battle with myself to get back on track the same day cos I know once Ive thrown in the towel Id eat the house lol

Maybe try thinking when you get knocked off course, that you'll get right back on plan with the next mouthful, not meal, or snack but mouthful. Thats how I do it and I have the will power of well, a thing with very little will power LOL

You can do it huni - it will make you feel better just trying believe me!


needs to focus!!!!
thanks very much all, i find this forum is brilliant, with lots of new ideas, and lots of help. And i really want to achieve this, and be happy in myself, rather than a torn faced disaster hehe. xx

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