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I need help


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Hey guys! Joined ww about month ago and I've failed miserably that it's really getting me down! Think I'm more annoyed with myself because it's such n easy diet and I haven't stuck with it! I lost 3 lbs on first week and iv put it all back on! Terrified of goin bac this week il be mortified! Anyway rant over and stop feelin sorry for myself now!
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Hey Mrs Moose,

Sometimes the "easy" diets can be hardest. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you slip up: you're only human.

If you are "addicted" to food then maybe a meal replacement diet will help you break the cycle?

You CAN do it!



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Ok, well first of all you're only human. The obvious question is have you been tracking and writing down and pointing what you're eating? It is important that you do that, hot toast looks sooo much more appetizing with 15 pp of butter than 2 lol.
Just little things like a bigger dollop of jam or gravy or an extra potato can make a big difference.
So track everything and point it.
Plus I noticed you have lipotrim down as your diet, maybe going back to "normal" food has your body going "omg food she's not starving me anymore! grab it grab it!"
The body is an incredible machine, it can tell when we're "starving" and next time we eat it will take all the nutrients it can to lay down as fat in case we starve again.
That's what fat is it's a food reserve for "poor times" (I could probably last 6 months on my fat reserves!).
When you use Lipotrim don't you have a refeed programme? If you've dived straight into eating real food all the time even though you're following WW you could possibly gain.
I would say go back get weighed find out the damage (if there is any) and start from there.
It's a new day it's a new you so go and get you!
I could be totally wrong it's just my thoughts, I'm sure somebody who's crossed from Lipotrim to WW could be more help.
But go back and then remember to track EVERYTHING and point it!
Good luck


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Thats good advice. I cant add any more. Sometimes it takes a while for your head to get into it but writing it down and counting everything is definately the trick with me! If i dont i think "oh that wont hurt" and it does!! I lost 34lb last year and now i've gained some back because i stopped writing it down! :(


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I love food and make it my mission to eat as much of it as I can for the pro points I've been given....there are some good threads on here giving points values that really helped me....good luck...x


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Ah thanks guys I appreciate that:) I finished lipotrim about 2 months ago and gained all the weight! Diet is defo not worth it for the long term results! I'm gettin weighed in tomorrow and I'm stayin on track this week If it kills me! I downloaded an app so I can track on my phone so fingers crossed
Thanks for the suppprt


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Please don't think I was knocking Lipotrim, I know it works for a lot of people but I think they have a refeed programme which needs to be followed when coming off it!
This whole forum is about support, we are all here for each other hopefully, regardless of what road we take to reach the end of the journey!
Good luck and remember to track everything lol


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No didnt think that at all! I should have followed the refeed properly it's al my own fault
Think I'm feeling the pressure cause iv 2 weddings coming up
Yeh defo! I went wedding dress shopping for my sisters dress with her and my other sisters and it jus hit me that I was twice d size of al them! I don't want to be lookin bac those pics disgusted wit myself! Havin a tuna sambo now but think I'm pointing it wrong
How many points would u give these
Tuna 139g in spring water I worked it out as 3 is that right
Then butter
And 2 slices of White bread?


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Tuna in springwater 1 smll can 70g 2pp (I'm guessing you should point it at 4pp)
Bread 1 medium slice 2pp (4pp)
Butter 2 tsps 2pp (so you need to know approx how much you used)
Hope this helps
Yep I agree I love it and fills ya aswel! I had bad day yesterday was at BBQ an drinks wer had! But I pointed everythin! I also bought a cross trainer yesterday so hangover or not il head up n do 20mins although I might die r throw up lol
Mrs Moose,

Oh well - it's fine as long as you point it, right? Plus you need the occasional fun night out in my opinion, it helps keep your spirits up!

And a big WELL DONE on getting the cross trainer - I am so jealous! Are they expensive?

xxx SL
I pointed everythin so was a shock to see it but I still have an 15 points of my weekly left:)
I bought mine second hand cause wanted make sure I used it! Cost me a whole 35 e it's quite big though eek partner not to happy lol

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