I need help!!!


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First date? Bowling - breaks down barriers cos no one is any good, lots of other people around to talk about, and you don't have to eat! :p


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can't do bowling it's like torture having my nails ripped off when throwing the balls (love my long nails lol)

I'll suggest the cinema but then theres the what do we go to see problem.

snooker/pool would be fun but I'm so pathetic at it he'd just spend the whole night laughing at me.

It's nt actually our first date. we have had one before which was disasterous as he kept buying me lots of drinks and I got rather tipsy. He ended up bringing me home early and I knew absolutely nothing till the next morning I dont even remember how I got home. So at least this time thats not going to happen


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driving range is a good one too - absolutely hilarious trying to hit the flipping ball!!!
Bowling or snooker/pool is good too.

My first 3 dates with DH consisted of going to the cinema. He wasnt that imaginative and I nearly dumped him!!! :D Luckily the 4th date was tickets to see my favourite band so he was forgiven!! :)


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lol he's just someone I've known for about a year and a half. I was bored so asked him out eeek! how brave of me lol


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Hey hun - is it in the evening? Cos if it was during the day,I was going to suggest going round the Baltic or the Biscuit Factory - always good for conversation starters.

If it is at night, then you could go to the Quaser place in the Metrocentre and leap around a bit hahahah. No? ok - well if you don't like bowling, then go see a scary movie. What about the Departed, the gangster one - that's showing now and it's a boyish film so he'd probably like it.

Or go to the Casino?? I've never been but it sounds pretty swish!

Have fun!