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I need lipotrim help..


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Hi All this is my first post on this forum, I do hope I’ve done it right.

I was on the lipotrim 3 years ago and lost 1.5 stone in 2 weeks and was really really impressed with the results. I still wanted to lose another 2 stone for my ideal weight... But.. I couldn’t swallow the shakes or the flapjacks. They were revolting and I was only able to have a few sips before I was gagging.

Now 3 years later, and after being a full time student and working my 40 hours on a night shift, my feeding patterns has led me to putting all the weight I lost back on and then some. I actually put back on 1St9lb. :(

I wanted to start again so I registered with the pharmacy, and bought a week’s supply. My taste buds remembered what it was like and I could only do one day with a struggle.

I really want to succeed on this.. I really hate the taste of artificial sweeteners so the strawberry, choc and vanilla aren’t tolerable. Chicken was the only reasonable one but I can’t palette that flavour no more either.

Can anyone recommend ways to help with eating Lipotrim as quick as possible?

Is there a soluble version, the same as berrocca tablets for example, which can be swallowed in one go to get it over with?

Thanks in advance for help or recommendations.
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I'd say it's worth persevering if you possibly can - in a sense it doesn't matter that you don't enjoy it - in fact it's good if it trains you to see food as a practical necessity rather than an enjoyable experience whilst your on LT. Think of it as fat burning medicine.
The flapjacks are not too bad with a large cup of black coffee with a sweetner, and I thought the shakes were better with really cold water. I sometimes had them as a mousse as well, but that intensifies the flavour so might not suit you.
Don't be too experimental with adding things that LT don't allow to any of your shakes or the soup - it works if you follow the rules 100%.

If you really can't stomach it, have you looked into Cambridge? They have a wider variety of flavours which are much more pallatable (some of them are really lovely). When I was on TFR that would have encouraged me to eat too much. The misery of LT products is what kept me on the straight and narrow, but many people get on well with Cambridge and their losses are just about the same.

Good luck whatever you decide - and let us know how you get on.



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hi stev please don't give up as you taste buds will soon adjust to the shakes. i blend 14 ice cubes with my lipotrim and drink it through a straw. it has the consistency of normal shakes and is much more palatable. good luck getting to your WI.
Hi Stev. They are difficult to get down, and Cambridge may well suit you better, so why not give them a try just for one week and then return to Lipotrim or not.

Hi Tubbytot. That sounds awful, and I hope you are better now with no lasting damage. You say your chemist offered to refund your medical bills? What medical bills are those. Were you given treatment on the NHS? Is your chemist still offering Lipotrim to its other customers?


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Hi Steve, give it a couple of days you will adjust. Make the shakes with really cold water, or if you have a blender put a few cubes of ice in, it makes it a bit blander that way I found with aprox 300-400ml of water.


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I had wondered! That was all they posted and in so many threads too!

V bizarre thing to do!
I make the shake thick, with a small amount of water in a bowl, then spoon it down... instead of making a large drink. I hate the sweetness of it to, but after a few days to a week it becomes easier to stomach :) Good luck, and i hope you find something that helps!
I hated the sweetness aswell, and the mouse just made me hurl. So I've taken to add strong coffee to both the vanilla and the chocolate and drinking them hot the bitterness of the coffee takes away from the sweetness. You have to play around with the shakes to see what works for you
I make the shakes with 500 ml of water. Enjoy the vanilla most like the sweetness. For the choc I make a 500 ml peppermint tea with three tablet sweetners let it stew then use this to make up the shake it's nice mint choc all trial and error but you have to find what you like to manage them:)
I tried most of those tricks already.. But it came to the stage where the smell was making me hurl.. :(

Pity there wasnt a way to pack it all down into a few capsules and down them like a headache tablet. no smell, no taste, no fuss then. It would be so much easier.

Even if I could get the shakes to disolve in a glass of water, that was tasteless..

but I never heard of Cambridge. Can this only be bought via a pharmacy as well? Where can I start looking for info on this product?

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I agree with Lilyg. Ice cold water, 300 mls, elctric hand blender. You will get used to it.
Stev, you know when you log into minimins. Look three sections above the Lipotrim Forum and click on where it says Cambridge Diet Forum, and you can get information there. Good luck.
God I must be one of the weirdos I like all of the flavours as they are I simply have the shakes with really cold water, I dont like mixing them with coffee (Did it once and it KILLED me to try drink the thing)

Everyones taste buds are different, try to stick with it longer then a day to help ur taste buds come round to the flavour. When ur used to something its hard to steer away from it, taste/flavour preferences included!! It takes a bit of getting used to and willpower but if u really want to lose the weight this diet is AMAZING and will show brilliant results after week 1, if u stick 100%....
So try ur best and remember there are so many of us here to help or just chat to u if ya ever need advice or simply want to chat about how ur coping....

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