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I need low fat sauces and salad dressing, but they're horrible

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Sorry for the pants title:eek:

I'm the kind of girl that likes things a bit saucy:p but all the ones I have tried are either tasteless or sour:(

I have tried the extra low mayo:( Yes it has a creamy texture, but oh my goodness is it bland.

I have tried, low fat ceaser dressings and vinegarettes and they are just vile.

I need sauce with my salads and stirfrys, but Im looking and not finding a nice, tasty one.

What do you use? oh and it has to be low carb too as I need to stay in ketosis.


ofm x
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I don't know what they're like in terms of fat/carbs, but I use the Blue dragon sauces for my stir frys. They're about 60p for a sachet, but you get a couple of servings out of it, and they're quite low in calories. I use the chow mein and black bean ones quite often and I think they're under 60 calories per serving (but that's off the top of my head so don't quote me on that!)
I don't have many salads (especially when it's not summer) so it's a long time since I've tried any dressings. Maybe you could Google some recepies if the ones in the shops are a bit bland?


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i use kraft low fat honey and mustard dressing which is quite nice and a little goes a long way.
they also do a low fat caesar but it wasnt to my taste if im honest. the honey and mustard one tho has lots of flavour
also sweet chilli sauce is nice on salad sometimes?


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S: 22st7lb G: 11st0lb
oh and asda good for you sweet and sour sauce is lush, and thats only 0.1g per 100g.


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salads i use a mix of a little kraft french (fat free) and morrisons herb and garlic (i think it is) which is also fat free (part of thier eat smart range.)
stirfrys... go to the oriental section of your supermarket this is what i did, and now my cubs are full of loads of different types of sauses...
(i too can not stand bland, or boring...)

have a look through the pages and pick up my recipie thread and get the recipie for pad thai.... YUMMO or what!! (sorry but it is nice)
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Tesco Light Balsamic salad dressing has a nice kick to it. Is 1.5% fat, and 12 cals for a tablespoon (or 2 tablespoons cost you half a WW point if you are following WW).Is really nice on a cottage cheese salad.
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On salads I just use Balsamic Vinegar...it couldn't be simpler, 0% fat, and a little goes a long way! A teaspoonful is more than enough, honestly!
A bottle of balsamic vinegar will last you a looooong time!

Oh, and yummy too!

Stir fries....just keep going through the labels until you find one that ticks your boxes in both fat content and taste...or learn to make your own meat marinades.
Or just throw a little soy sauce on everything :D

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