I Need Some Advice Please

Hi Everyone,

I am on my 100th day of LL, and have lost 3 1/2 stone exactly (I am very pleased) my goal is to get to 9 stone, which means I have exactly 3 stone to go.

During my 100 days on LL I have been very good, and have not eaten a thing, other than my packs of course.

When I started LL, I had no intention of continuing after the 100 days as my plan was to switch to WW, however with another 3 stone to go, I have decided to finish waht I have started and am staying on LL, actually went to my first development meeting yesterday.

I need some advice about certain dates that I have coming up in my diary, occassions when I would like to eat, so I am hoping ypu CD veterans may be able to guide me, so that I can prepare properly and not cause too much damage during my planned breaks.

The first one is Oct 28th, I am going to Gordon Ramsays restaurant in Claridges, the meal was booked and paid for last november, and I do not wish to miss out, I am aware that I wont be eating in the same way that I used to, but need advice on what to order

The second event is 1st week in December, I am going to New York for 5 days, and want some advice on what I should do food wise.

I know my LL counsellor has said it is up to me, and I have to live with the consequences, which means dont eat, but we all work so hard, and its my only holiday this year, and I want to be able to enjoy it properly with my friends, and actually go to restaurants in the eveing without going completely mad.

I have every intention and determination to go back on the packs immediately after both of these events.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

OK, I'll do you a favour I go in your place and ruin my figure not yours. Dizzy
Firstly well done on getting through the 100 days and a fab weight loss!

A few of us at the meeting last week had things going on this week (we are on week 13 of LL) and the advice was to stick with protein and keep carbs to a minimum if possible and to eat salad rather than veg if possible (I can't remember which veg were "safe" - ie, low in carbs). Stick to gin and soda water or white wine and soda water for drinks if possible.

I went out for a couple of meals last weekend in Germany (shock horror) and had a steak one night with a bit of green salad and just slices of turkey breast the next. I stuck with fizzy water all night long with my LL flavourings. I still managed to lose 1lb although I did knock myself rather badly out of ketosis the next day by having two bars on the journey home (I am very carb sensitive) and have been struggling to get back into ketosis since as I am very hungry!

Good luck and enjoy!! Both things sound fabulous experiences.
I'll let the experts give the advice but you deserve to enjoy these treats the damage will be minimal and repairable. The offer still stands though! Dizzy
hi ya skinny girl

first of all congratulations on getting to the end of your 100 days, that's a great acheivement :D

Sure your familiar with the term, 'boundaries' seeing as you're doing lighterlife. You need to be very careful if you're breaking out of them. If you stick to protein then you will be ok, as far as ketosis is concerned, but you need to be aware that once you eat, it could open the floodgates, and you'll want more. Of course it's all about choice at the end of the day, but just be aware that it could be difficult to get back on.

You've got a while to go before your meal, so don't be worrying too much. You never know you might even change your mind about eating by then! Is there any way you can put your meal back a while?

congratulations again, here's to getting rid of the next 3 stones :p
The purists will say don't eat, butI would certainly want to in your place. No doubt A CDC will be along soon to advise you, but in the meantime I'd say, try and keep the carbs to a minimum, have lots of protein and green stuff, no alcohol if poss (!). Maybe have packs for every meal except for your restaurant meals? There have been several people on here who have successfully managed holidays abroad, maybe one of them will help you out.
Good luck and have fun!
I would say you have to decide what you want more,
To lose 3 more stone with out interuption and not have to worry about what eating may or may not do to you!!
OR decided that you are prepared to go with the consequences that eating may have,
you may stuggle to get back on board,
you may find it easy and then decide it's ok to do it every so often and then your on the slippery slope or you may eat, get straight back on with it and decide it was a one off and not worth the hassle. no one can say what the out come will be and iots a risk only you can decide to take because it will be you who has to cope with the fall out what ever it may be!!!!

For what its worth, i wouldn't go, if you can change it I would do that or I would give it someone else as a gift, its only food after all and when you are at goal you can dine out wherever you like (looking stunning of course).

you have to ask yourself " how much do i want to be slim??" "how much do i want to eat a meal out and risk what i have worked so hard to acheive already"?? only you know. good luck with what ever you decide.
You need to do what suits you. I wouldn't eat but then I'm not you so damage limitation on each evening is the way to go :D

My advice would be to ask your LLC to photocopy the list of food you can have n the first week, possibly 2 and stick to those as much as possible. Having read through my management books there are a few surprises in there so it isn't as cut and dried as cutting out carbs and sticking to salad I'm afraid ;)

If your LLC isn't willing to do this (although I con't see why not) then PM me your address and I'll post you the lists. :)
Thanks to everyone for all your advice - its a tough one!

I have already tried to move the restaurant date back but it is only valid for 12 months, and cost £200 so it would be alot of money to lose, I even tried to transfer it to someone else, but it is no transferable, so I am going to go, and hope to be sensible!

As for New York! well what can I say???

I have no intention of pigging out, and am hoping to do my packs during the day and have a sensible protein and salad meal in the evening!

I guessn that I just need to get my head around the fact that I might gain..............and need to get striagt back on my regime after

I do tend to be a bit of a control freak so hopefully I will be okay, its just living with the consequences.

Dizzy - Babes if the voucher for Mr Ramsays was transferable you'd be top of my list!
Thanks I feel privileged! I think you'll be fine in New York. I went to Vancouver on a diet (slimming world) last year and ended up losing loads. At breakfast I ate mostly fruit as the buffet breakfast has loads of fruit. If I stopped through the day I had black coffee and yes fruit salad. I often skipped dinner but when I ate I had goats cheese salad or sushi. I was also walking so much (mostly shopping). It was easy as all the junk food available over there really turned me off. I did find it difficult on return though. I think it would be much easier with the Cambridge sachets to hand. You won't be able to take them in your hand lugguge though I don't suppose. It would be a nightmare if they confiscated them at the airport! You have done so well I am sure whatever happens in New York you will soon get to your goal on your return. Dizzy xx
thanks Dizzy, I guess its all about being strong willed!

I did all the I want an american big mac last year, so that wont be an issue, this time around!