I need some encouragement:(


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
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hi guys n dolls ive SERIOUSLY fell off the wagon this week:(...
I got my 2st award last thursday,and saw that as a green light to go and 'reward'myself for my hard work lol but the problem is i cant stop rewarding myself now....had a massive roast dinner on thursday nite after weigh-in...sweet and sour pork and chips from the chippy on friday.....pizza and chips from the chippy on saturday...another roast dinner on sunday...a large fish,chips,peas and curry from the chippy and a few bags of crisps here and there...im going to put so much weight on this week,i really dont know why im doing this to myself,ive been SO good since i joined SW in november
and im now only 7lbs away from my target....i seriously need to pull the reigns in and get back on track:(..xxx
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The main thing is to draw a line under it. You know you've been a bit naughty but dont dwell on it.

Its easy to get tempted once you've had a taste of the old foods. Look at your before and after pictures and how far you've come. Think how amazing it will be when you get to target!!

Roast dinners are not too disasterous, but you just need to refresh your memory of why you want this so much.

Try starting from the beginning and this week vow to write down all your syns no matter what you have! If you write down that your going to have a meal of 70 syns it is a detterant if you realise how many syns it is before you eat it!

Good luck!



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You have done so well and maybe you just needed that blowout but now you have had it just forget it and get back on track again. Get your books out and read them to refresh then plan your menu and get back into it. good luck

Mrs V

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Well done on getting as far as you have Hun.

Maybe you should reward yourself in other ways in future, so that you dont keep using food as a treat. How about a haircut, some new makeup etc, just to make you feel that little bit special.



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Can I just say congrats on your achievement so far - your before and after photos are very inspirational :)
I will just echo what others have said - think about how far you've come and the reasons why you started SW in the first place. Draw a line under your blip and get back on track - you'll be at target soon!


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In addition to all the fantastic advice above, I would also try and stop thinking of food in terms like 'treat' or 'reward'. This is exactly why most of us got fat in the 1st place- food (usually fatty food) was seen as this lovely thing to look forward to and we crave it.

Why not try and have 'treat' food in the house that is on plan? I couldn't think of anything nicer than a big bowl of prawns and sweet chilli sauce, or some smoked salmon, lamb shank and mash, SW chips, mushy peas and gravy, SW bacon and cheese burger, etc, etc

Good luck mate