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I need some ideas for breakfast

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Every ounce is bounce
I'm not sure if Atkins is stricter than my low carb plan. can you have salmon and cream cheese? Or I have a recipe if you can have sausages, eggs, double cream and cheese?

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Every ounce is bounce
Got this recipe from my Neris & India book - think someone also posted it on the low carb thread, said it was nice and can be made the night before:

Egg & Sausage 'muffins'
(makes 12)
455g sausages
12 eggs
120ml double cream
120ml water
sea salt
170g grated cheddar

Preheat oven to 180/gas 4. Oil a 12 cup muffin tray. Remove bangers from skin and fry until browned (you can add onion if you're allowed and allow to caremelise). divide the meat equally between the muffin tray 'holes'. whick together eggs, cream, water & salt. Pour over sausage & top with cheese. Bake for 20 mins until golden & fluffy. Cool slightly before removing from tin. You can add bacon, herbs, etc or use a different cheese.



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Every morning I am in a right rush. Often I will grab whatever's in the fridge - peperami, a noblet of cheese or one of the atkins bars. I'm not usually hungry in the mornings and if I eat too much it makes me feel sick.
If I am really hungry though and in a rush, I put some bacon in the oven before getting ready, then when I come down I shove it all in a romaine or iceburg lettuce leaf with a bit of mayo, some cucumber and maybe a bit of cheese. It makes a sandwich with no bread and is really yum!
Like Laura, I look on breakfast as just a meal, mostly I'm eating leftovers from the night before. I always cook more than we need so there is some left for breakfast.
I tend to have an omelette most mornings as it's quick and you can vary the fillings. My breakfast is always two eggs done one way or another, sometimes i have bacon but all depends on the time.
Not the most interesting breakfast really but i am so used to it now it's second nature!
I don't usually have breakfast at breakfast time. If i'm on an early in work i'll sometimes have an atkins bar to see me through till an early dinner. Or if i have time i'll do some scrambled eggs or an omlette, sometimes even the night before.
However i have got a massive craving for cereal n milk at the moment.. :( my bro just bought those little kids boxes n some shreddies n left them on the kitchen worktop.. :( needless to say i found room n rammed em in his cupboard. Just don't need to see them in my face all the time!
Hmmm, now that has given me a yearning for Kippers and poached eggs. LOL
Oh no, I'm not having that Claire, they are lovely!! :D
Think Kedgeree without the rice so a smattering of peas(careful!) small amount of onion with smoked haddock and egg cooked up in some butter with curry powder - awesome breakkie or anytime meal! For a bit more of a carb load whole fat greek yoghurt (check label) with some flaked/ground almonds and a sprinkle of sweetner - if you promise not to eat too many more carbs add a couple of raspberries - crush it all together the berry flavour goes a long way!
oh yes and mackeral is a must for home-made smoked mackeral pate so it is definately 'in' for me - i agree with laura about tiny kipper bones though!
Hmmm, I bet you could do that kedgeree with caulirice JoJo
That's the one, but I've been eating caulirice for years and years, got it off a forum somewhere way back when. :)

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