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I need some support :(

Been a bit absent lately because I'm just finding it so hard to stay on track.
I'm finding it hard with the kids which in turn just makes me want to eat. I'm still missing food and need it as a comfort thing.
Had a food day yesterday and have so far almost stuck to the plan, did has a bickie just now though :cry: Weigh in tomorrow and I have to say yet again that I didn't have a good week.
I know if I come off then I will regret it and be annoyed at myself.
I can tell myself all the +ives of staying on plan and how fab I will feel but that urge to eat/binge is just so strong.
I've got a cold coming and its my * week this week too so just feeling really low right now :cry:
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oh fm so sorry to hear your feeling like this, its blooming tough this. have you thought about maybe doing a higher plan for a few weeks, thats all I can think of suggesting really, I know how hard it is when that urge is there to eat and how its pretty much all you can think of. maybe if you did a higher plan for a few weeks and could stick to it you would start feeling more positive again, but to keep trying and falling off the wagon is soul destroying (have been there last year) and can make you feel awful, keep posting and feel better :)


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I know how you feel hun ive had the weekend off the plan becuse the urge to binge was so strong i gave my self a break , im back on 2moz and feel better for doing it . Dont feel bad and like this*time said go on a higher plan if you cant stick to it . Your not alone many of us find this difficult and cheat just get back up and start again .
(((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) I know how hard it is hun , I have had 'picking' days but you just have to draw a line and try and get back on track . when you feel the urge to eat .. tell yourself that if you still need it in a few hours you will have it , then when that few hours is up tell yourself yo will have it the next morning if you need it .. so you are not denying yourself .. just putting it off till later .
I have found that sniffing the food I love really helps me ... sre it doesnt work for everyone but it actually makes me feel very satisfied .. someone bought some ferrero rochers into work last week , they are my fave chocs .. and I had several good old sniffs and felt great :)

You know you can do it , although if you feel you need time off , do it and try and get back on it when your head is in the right place .. because thats the biggest thing with this diet .. if your head is in the right 'space' its easy .. if not .. its impossible !!!

It may be worth trying a higher plan for a while , i did this at the end of my last CD stint , and found it mch harder than SS .. and I really couldnt stick to SS+ or 810 .. so I am know for me its SS or nothing !!!

I hope you are able to get back on track ... you can do it :)
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I am really struggling today, I feel so hungry and really fighting the urge not to eat, and i feel so cold.


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Please Please Please (And a million more pleases) keep on posting on here and keep sight of your goal - I had the occassional picking days the last time I was on here and then stopped posting on here through shame then the picking days all merged and I came off the diet completely - within just 2 months I had put all but 8lbs of the 3 and a half stone back on that I had worked so hard to lose (and the £500 in shakes!!) and it's my biggest regret - so please please dont follow my mistake - follow this diet and treat it with the respect that it needs and it'll pay you back every Weigh In day xx
Thanks everyone. I have decided to have a week off to get my head back in the right place. Its not just the diet, I've been feeling a bit down lately anyway (am on tabs) so I need to re focus a bit.
I do intend to eat well while I'm off and am hoping this week will give me the head space I need.
I AM returning, I've worked to hard and done so well not to, so am looking at next Monday hopefully. I know if I leave it open ended I won't do it but I will!
Will be lurking ((hugs))


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good luck with your week off, and i hope that you are able to regain your focus!

please make sure you dont just lurk... come and say hi still, and make sure you are back on the plan next week...


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I'm sorry you are feeling like this. I know it's tough. I really struggle to stay on the diet on the weekends because my family eats fast food. :(

I hope you enjoy your week off and come back refreshed and ready to continue on the journey to reach your goal. :)
I'm missing it already, weird huh!?
I'm still going to have my week, went and bought some salad and stir fry veg today, and get over this bug.
Thanks for the support girls, it means a lot :)
Hi Karen, so sorry to hear that you are struggling. I think taking a week off sounds like a good idea as you can get it out of your system so to speak and stop thinking constantly about CD. Enjoy your week and come back refreshed and keep posting. Huge ((hugs)) and PM me if you need to xx

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