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I need some tips !!


weighs a lot less
add about 500ml water and ice and them blitz them , it does get easier and when go into ketosis they will taste completly different , i add a spoon of coffee to vanilla shakes too xx
yeah ice and blitz is the way to go x
Just out of interest....how do you manage to mix the coffee with the vanilla shake when it is hot? Does it not explode in your shaker? Just asking because I am starting LT tomoz and am going to get some vanilla, but want to add the coffee with it. Not sure how to do it?


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If i'm making the coffee hot then i just add it all together and use the hand blender to get it smooth. you're right the shaker will explode if you shake a hot drink in it... It happened to me lol. If you're making the coffee into a cold drink then make the coffee up first and let it cool and then blend with ice and the vanilla or chocolate lipotrim. Hope that helps x
Thanks for the coffee and vanilla tip....I will do what you have suggested. I was actually going to make it up cold in my shaker with the coffee and then put it in the microwave, not sure if I am allowed to do this tho xx
HA..i've discovered if i make the vanilla one with some coffee and have it hot is actually nice...and if i have the chocolate one hot its not so bad...i'm just staying clear of the strawberry one :)
I love the strawberry one the best so far....just need to suss out the vanilla and coffee one so that it doesnt have white floaters in it....gross haha. Gonna try it again tonite and see if it is any better x

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