I need to confess...


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I have done something stupid, my husbands Grandad died late Sunday night and we all had the call to get round to his at 3pm Sunday afternoon - well we were all in such a rush to get there that I didn't grab any of my packs or anything and it got to about 3am and we were still there and I ate a sandwich. I was so annoyed with myself I was so hungry and I actually felt really dizzy and shakey, I had tried to drink loads of water to try and stave it off but it was no good.

I can deal with that, its a blip and TBH my family were having a really hard time and it was more important to be there to support my husband than go back and get packs. But after I ate it I then went and did the most stupid thing - I went and made myself sick. I am not proud of it, now I think about it I am even more cross with that than the actual eating.

I am back on the wagon and was good all day yesterday and today so far. I am going to fess up to my LLC tomorrow I think that dealing with stressful situations like that makes me want to eat - or I don't know if it was just actual real hunger.

I don't really know what I am trying to say here, I just wanted to tell someone.
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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time at the moment and hope you and your husband's family are coping.
In terms of food, I know just where you're coming from as I was bulimic for ten years. Trust me, as a form of weight management it doesn't work! I know you were under stress at the time but if does happen again that you eat, just put it behind you and don't try to make yourself sick. It doesn't work and just ends up making things 100 times worse.
It's good that's you've told 'someone' on here and it's good to recognise how you soped in the situation. If you do lapse again though, please don't make yourself ill. Just move on.
Take care xx


Oh Monkerella I'm sorry to hear about your loss, hope you are feeling OK.

As for the blip, move on and forget about it. Situations like that make us do crazy things, so don't go punishing yourself as that never helps. Get back on track and simply learn from it, bringing it up with your LLC/group is a good idea too, it really helps to talk about stuff and you'll feel better afterwards :)


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Awww Monkerella :hug99:

Firstly in situations like these the last thing on our mind would be to grab a pack or a bar. Secondly, starving yourself for 12+ hours is not good for you and you could have chosen something far worse than a sandwich to eat.

I have realised that I have a lot to learn on this weight loss journey. I too have been caught out without a pack or bar, not under such stressful circumstances as you, but from it I learned to always keep one or the other in my bag.

Please don't beat yourself up about it. It's a very small blip at a very stressful time.


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hi there
as phoenix says above, you could have chosen something much worse, so don't beat yourself up too much. at the end of the day you needed to eat something.
you will be back in ketosis by now, so no harm done.

do speak in group about this as it will help and you may find others have felt/done similar

today is another day -
daisy x