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i need to do a 10 day challenge to keep myself on track!


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Hi everyone, due to the bank holiday tomorrow our class has been cancelled, hence, i need to keep myself motivated so i thought i would come on here and go through my days, hopefully by reading back i will keep on track well that's the plan A. i don't even want to think of a plan b. as it does'nt exist!!:scale:
I am now on week 8 of lighter life and i started a size 20 at 5ft 11 i was a BIG GIRL, even my dad calls me the big one, but as he is in Liverpool and i am in Hampshire, he has no idea i am doing this! I am now a size14/16 and 13 stone 3 (as of this morning)
My pains in my knees have dissapeared my blood pressure is very healthy and i only get back pain when doing the ironing(well thats what i tell hubby):rotflmao:
The journey has been swift but at times hard, i am the only one in class to admit to having a couple of weak moments, im sure they have too but they are in denial, they can't all get creamy sticks through having one tablet now can they!!
i think the best thing is how quickly our bodies change, i felt fat frumpy and old, but now i feel confident happy and i like being me, my hubby is soo proud of me know he holds my hand when we are out and want's cuddles all the time, i say that's a result in itself, i have a stone and a half remaining but still have 6 weeks left so here is hoping, i have started exercising more now as without the numerous bags of sugar or child that i was carrying gone i feel more able and i enjoy it!! i know sick comment, but the way i see it is when i get to maintenance if i excersise i can then have a glass of wine if i feel like it! see where i am coming from? Anyway i like the two new flavours banana and strawberry that's a result, i hope you all have bags of motivation, i just keep coming on here and read all the inspirational peoples comments , to be honest this site is just fab even the bad moments where i have read peoples tradgedies and sat and cried you know they make you feel lucky, the funny one's which make you share a giggle and then there's the inspirational photo's and stories, so thanks to the founder of Minimins thats what i say, oh, and lighter life of course!:party0038:

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S: 19st10lb C: 17st1.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 2st8.5lb(13.22%)
Its not often I come across a lady the same height as me I am also 5ft 11 and size 20 but on week 1 ! You have inspired me and made me urge myself on as knowing you are the same height as me it should take me 8 weeks to get the roughly the same weight as you im so excited!!!!!


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Lilscotishlady, love your title by the way!
just keep going and change will happen!!we are lucky in some respects as we can carry more weight without people noticing but, nothing prepared me for how i now feel and look, when i get to target i will try and post photos before and after, even now it's amazing! honest you will love it!!
S: 19st10lb C: 17st1.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 2st8.5lb(13.22%)
Can't wait....if you do post pics it will be a HUGE help to me and major motivation!!! So far all the before and after stories have been for little ppl nothing for us tall lasses!!!!

Good luck for your target...what are you wanting to be for your target? I have no idea yet? Do you mind me asking what your starting weight was?


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Just popping by to send you some positive vibes for your 10 day challenge :D

Your'e doing great, and will be at your goal in no time :)

Keep shaking girlie :p


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:thankyou: :thankyou: lilscotishlady, Hi my starting weight was 16stone, my target is 12stone and size 12/14.
Thank you Irene and geri


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Angel what a lovely positive post, well done on coming so far, you really are doing brilliantly.



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Well bank holiday monday is nearly over!!
Today i have already had my 4lts water and my 4 shakes, i am feeling more and more hungry as the weeks go on though, im also feeling the cold a lot, very wierd, hubby say's it is because i have no fat anymore protecting me-- yeah right!
i have done 20k on my trainer on tension no 4 which i feel good about i did it in 55 mins today !!so i can have a rest tomorrow and just take my shitsu out for a walk.
i have done the ironing so can chill out now, i have bought sparkling water and have found that if i put the st clements in i feel like im having lemonade, which is pretty cool,
i cooked a full roast beef dinner home made yorkies which i love with a passion and even made cherry pie and custard, when it was all done and served up i went on my trainer and put a dvd on to take my mind off food!!
it worked and i have been good but i keep thinking oh i could have a glass of wine as i have burned up soooo many calories, but i wont as it will all be a waste of time, anyway im off to put my little one to bed, shool tomorrow yipee!!!!


has started again!!
Well done Angelxx on your good day! I too have made a roast dinner, done the washing, and (oops) spent money on Ebay again!! I am hungry but have one pack left so will have a choc muffin and mint tea in minute. Most Haunted live tonight, my last remaining vice!! OH hates it!!

This is a great post, so inspirational!! Thanks and keep going!!
Hi Sarah, You are doing brill, i like most Haunted to, and i have spent £55.00 on ebay on two cricut cartridges for my scrapbooking etc, bit made eh!!
Well 6 day's to weigh in, it feels like forever, it has really mixed me up not having my normal session on Monday, but i suppose i have actually realised something about myself which i feel is pretty important, i eat when i am angry/upset, how do i know? well i had a falling out with my mi law on Friday, she is a lot of the time not very nice towards me, mainly when hubby isnt around! she drops in conversations about his ex wife and then goes on about his house this and his house that when in fact i have contributed half, anyway she tends to arrive alot when im not around even a neighbour mentioned about it, hubby just laughs it off and say's he thinks she checks on the car situation i.e. if only one car im probably out! anyway she turned up @ 3 on friday and her face said it all when i opened the door, her greeting whilst looking at her watch was i thought you would be out picking the children up, im not staying i just want to give this to my son for he's pool, she had a carrier bag with ERIC in capitals and followed by open and read, well she is just soo rude and she was shouting @ me and i asked her not to raise her voice as there were children present which just made her explode at me and off she went, anyway this has been on my mind since then and i b...dy well was on my own today and had Two mini choc bars, i enjoyed them but i now feel like trying to be sick as i just know i have let myself down big style, i am now making a solom oath to myself to do 10k on my xtrainer until i get weighed in 6 days time and only have 4 + 4 because i know i can and have done this, i will have lost weight by next monday just you wait and see, i am going to work on my issues of eating when there are problems as well!! sorry for moaning and ranting but now i have wrote it down i think i have got it out of my system, why didnt i do that in the first place!! well i know what to do in future, take care..


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Well done so far...and keep it up!! Dont let anybody make you mess up (like I can talk!!) Youve come too far now...
Good luck with weigh in!! *BIG HUG*
Red, looking at your weight loss is making me feel totally not worthy, you are amazing to of lost 89lb is amazing, i cannot beleive you have made any mistakes!!! i need to take a leaf out of your book i think!
Red, just had a browz @your blog how lovely, i hope things are going well with your husband it must be so hard, i had to work in London for 18 months and hated every moment of it because i was away from my family, so you must feel pretty awful and lonley at times, if you do i am generally around for a natter!! p.s. you are very pretty.
:blahblah: Well here i am back again and i have had a brilliant day considering, i look after a 1 year old on a wednesday (as well as 4 others+ my own two or three if you count in hubby)and she had an off day today bless her, my mother in law decided to phone lunch time and when i answered she put the phone down on me then denied it to hubby!! and my totm has arrived which i think was some of the trouble yesterday!! there is a pattern emerging big style and that is every 4 weeks i get into a serious i want food mission!! i need to see how i can stop this from happening if anyone has similar and has learned to cope i would be very happy for ideas.:bliss:
My day today even though all that has happened has been a great success, im back to my normal positive mode which has made me feel good in return, just 4 food packs and 3lts of water so far but soon to go up on the eliptical for a swift 10 k and i will easily drink my remainder then, i hope everyone is doing ok thanks for your replys take care Angelxx

week 1 9.5lb
week 2 12lb
week 3 1stone 5lb:party0011:
week 4 1stone 11lb
week 5 2 stone
week 6 2stone 1/2 lb
week 7 2stone 5lb:party0011:
week 8

:party0019: :party0019: :party0019: :party0019: :party0019: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: YEHAAAHHH!!!!!
Today i had a day out with a fellow lighter lifer and we popped down to Hedge End Marks and Spencers, i picked up a pair of size 14 trousers and a size 14 top knowing full well that they would not fit, well i could of screamed the place down when both fitted and nicely as well not tight at all, oh i was just soooo chuffed!!!!:superwoman:
i really still cannot beleive it just 8 weeks ago i was a predictable size 20, needless to say i have had a fabulous day hubby even has cheeky grins at me because i am just soooo happy|!! :bliss:
i have had 3 shakes and 3ltrs so far on 4 th now and i have just done 10k on trainer in 25 mins, i need to get the dvd on with the stretchy thingamajig as i have yet to have a go on that! i need to slightly tone my tummy up nothing major though and do weights so i don't get bingo wings!!
i am feeling brill and on top of the world i havent been this slim in about 20ish years!!Angelxx
week 1 9.5lb
week 2 12lb
week 3 1stone 5lb:party0011:
week 4 1stone 11lb
week 5 2 stone
week 6 2stone 1/2 lb
week 7 2stone 5lb
Way to go Angel - isn't size 14 just wonderful?:party0011:

Far enough away from size 18 to make a major difference and near enough to size 12 to instil hope.

Keep it up
Hey ho the builder is starting on tuesday! he came around today to say that is when he can start! yipee, down stairs cloakroom and conservatory for me and a workshop for hubby!:party0048:
i had a sneak on the scales today and i have lost bugger all, but i know i have lost inches as i have my size 14's on today and got loads of good strokes as they say in class with giggles!!
My weigh in day is Monday so we will see what happens, i have just 5 weeks left as of Monday and i would so love to lose 1 more stone to be at target for my height (5.11) Im am trying to keep motivated but the nice weather has gone, that always helps as you think holidays!!sh orts swimsuits oh oh.:innocent0001:
im going to go on my cross trainer for an hour and then im having a yummy bubble bath so bye 4 now!!:character00116:Angelxx
week 1 9.5lb
week 2 12lb
week 3 1stone 5lb:party0011:
week 4 1stone 11lb
week 5 2 stone
week 6 2stone 1/2 lb
week 7 2stone 5lb

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