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I need to eat

In the last 3 weeks on LT, I have sat through a wedding, a family gathering, a meal out with the family, and 3 take aways and not eaten. But in the last 24 hours I am absolutely starving, my urine is showing only mild ketosis instead of the strong colour I was in before.

Last night I spent all night obsessing about the bits of chiken tikka in the fridge and when everyone was going to bed I had 3 small pieces, think I would have had more if my step-daughter hadnt turned up so I slammed the fridge shut feeling like a guilty binge eater. As they were only protein and dry chicken I cant see they would have taken me out of ketosis. I have had a lot less water in the last few days as well.

I am so so so so hungry and so so so want food right now that I think i could eat the contents of the freezer, probably still frozen :D:D:D please please help I feel 100% that I need to eat :break_diet::break_diet:I am also fed up cos only lost 4lb this week, 5 the week before and 7 in the first week, thats not alot my motivation has hit the rocks :mad:
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you dont need to eat, its probably the lack of water and the fact that you have kick started your body's hunger feelings by giving in. i know its hard but im sure you can do it, have an extra shake, a drink of water or something. do something, anything that will distract you and know that if you stick to it 100% you will achieve your goal, by cheating on your diet you are only cheating yourself, you know you want to lose weight. will snacking help you do that? swat those nasty food demons into submission and think how proud you will be if you resist. if you really cant stand not eating why not change plans and move to something that allows you to eat a little.
Thanks Beverley

I have been fine until tonight, most of last week I only had 2 shakes instead of 3 because I just was not hungry- I dont want to eat, I feel I need to eat. You said about having another shake, do you think that would be OK if I have another shake that would probably fill me. I cant stop I have 2 more weeks to loose 12lb before I start IVF


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Don't eat, you feel like this because you have a cumulative deficit, from not having enough shakes recently.
Drink 500mls of water right away, then have a peppermint tea (put sweeteners in) then have a shake. I guarantee you'll feel better.
Keep strong Hun, think about the reason you want to do this, you NEED the IVF more than you need the food. Hugs xx
i agree, undereating affects your weight loss almost as bad as undereating. eating too little makes your body hold onto anything you give it. that is probably why your losses have not been what you expected. it is also why you are supposed to have the three shakes a day. if you follow it religiously then i think you wil achieve the losses you want.
Thankyou so much, I followed both of your advice and now I am full and dont want to eat. I had to skip the peppermint tea bit :eek: :eek: although it would have made me sick and that might have stopped me eating :D :D I drank the water and had an extra shake and feel so much better, although now I feel guilty about having had a 4th shake :mad:

Drinking so much is so difficult on work days, I work 13 hour shifts and cant spend all day leaving meetings and my patients to pee all day so those days I end up hardly drinking and only having 2 shakes normally. I will sit and drink all evening now to make up for it, and pee all night :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I have been mixing diets too, they are exactly the same cals, and carbs so I dont think that should make a difference, I have been having 2 LT and a W8 spag bol in the evening. It is absolutely gorgous meal and is 10 cals less than LT and exactly the same carbs and nutritional content so I cant see how that would make a difference. I have seen lots of people switch around between VLCD. What do you think??
as long as its within the cal and carb guidelines of the diet i cant see how it would make a diff. cant be 100% as i do slimfast so i can choose any meal i want for dinner.


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SOUNDS reasonable, but I'm not an expert. Your chemist may know, or someone else on here. I'd be interested to hear what the others think.
By the way Eoghan was terrible tonight wasn't he?
I did slim-fast last year and got on really well with it and lost 3 stone, I just needed a quick fix this time to get me started on IVF, so this is a 5 week blitz, although its not blitzing as much as I hoped, but still I feel like i have done the best I could possibly do to loose weight so cant blame myself for not doing my best
Hi Cathy we posted at the same time, yes awful- I dont think his voice is poweful enough for this competition, he looks to sweet and child-like all the time he looks like he is 13 but he is 16, my step son is that age!
Thanks that is a good idea. I feel a lot better again this morning, it is just the evenings really
Thanks that is a good idea, all these things help. Mornings are fine its the evenings that are so difficult

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