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I need to get a grip!!

Hello everyone, well I HAD lost 2 stone in 4 weeks but for the past fortnight every day I have picked at food in some way, I just cry thinking that I cant have anything other than a soup or bar or shake. I love this diets results but I just cant seem to stop thinking about food. I get weighed on monday and at the mo I have gained 4lbs :cry:

I can do this but im so ashamed of myself and feel guilty that im letting my CDC down too

Any advice??
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Hey hun,

Its really only one of two things that go wrong on this diet- 1. your head isn't in the right place (or comes out of it)
2. SSing isn't right for you.

I have found a couple of times that when I have wobbled the only thing that gets me back in the zone is that little voice in my head telling me that 'you don't need this food to survive, it may feel good at the time but straight after you'll feel rubbish, and does it feel as good as it will when you are at target'. Then I realise again why I am doing this, and it is much easier to get back on track. It is about wanting the end result enough to overcome the obstacles.

For some ppl, SSing isn't right for them and they can't psychologically handle the whole not eating thing. If that is you then I suggest you try 790 so you can look forward to food in the evening and don't feel guilty afterwards. I'm on AAM at the moment and find I am much less tempted when I know I will be eating in the evening- its weird!

Anyway, hope you find the strength to get back on track, and talk to yourself out loud about what you are doing and tell yourself why you shouldn't eat that little bit of whatever, before you munch! I'm pretty sure that if you do this you won't touch the food... or at least it works for me!

Good luck hun xx
aww i dont you think you are letting anyone down.. you have done so well to have lost 2stone in that short space of time.. you need to focus on that, i never got that hungry when i was on ss.. now im on 1500cals aday its a different matter...

well done on your weight loss so far



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VLCD-ing is hard!

I tend to get hungry in the late evenings, no matter what kind of diet I am on. Ketosis does not protect me around bedtime. That's when my empty tum really starts to protest.

Since I am a poor sleeper the long nights of rumbling and cravings can be taxing.

Perhaps those who are totally blanketed by ketosis are just lucky? The rest of us have to fight and fight. Since we are not perfect, we sometimes give in.

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