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I need to hear good news

A lady at work made personalised mini easter cakes for everyone today and we had a morning gathering and everyone was expected to eat them which they did, I have only eaten half!

Please I need someone to say its ok :(, will this effect my progress so far, I have only been on ss for 6 days and I have not been tempted so far, these cakes didn't even tempt me its just that I didn't want to offend the lady who baked them.
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i am sure the tiny bit of cake doesnt contain enough carbs to completely kick you out of ketosis.
maybe a few rounds of toast would...

dont worry about it!
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
oh thanks skinny!
time flies by and before you know it you too will be in week 7!
keep it up and forget about that cake... draw a line under it and keep to shakes!!!!
totally forget about half the cake as long as your not tempted by anything else, the idea of oh a wee cake is ok shir a slice of toast will be ok it wont!!

Your doing really well and cant wait to see your 1st week weigh in results :) :)
It was a situation it would have been difficult to get out of without starting people asking questions.

You did well to only eat half.

Now drink lots of water today to flush it through your system and forget about it. IT's not really a 'cheat', so don't beat yourself up about it.

The worst that can happen is it might knock you out of ketosis for a few hours. But stick with the packs and drink the water and you'll be back in it by tonight.:)
Half a cake shouldn't do too much harm, as the others have said, flush through with lots of water.

Good luck with tomorrows weigh-in and keep up the good work!


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I really want to say it's ok but I don't think it is! Are you going to crumble every time someone offers you food just because you don't want to offend them?
Sometimes you have to look after No1 and if that means offending someone by refusing their offering then so be it. If I liked someone enough to make them a cake and they explained that they couldn't eat my cake because they were trying to diet I'd accept that & would not be offended & I think the only people who would be offended would be people trying to sabotage you or who were more concerned about themselves than you.
You are doing this for you, so put yourself 1st & say no in future. It's really empowering to do this as you are taking back control of your actions rather that being dependent on others.

This said it's done now but learn from this & don't make the same mistake again, remember how cr*p this has made you feel. Sorry to be tough but it's done with love!:D
You may not have done much damage to your ketosis THIS time but as has just been said - you will come across hurdles all the way along the diet path and are you going to give in each time. Dont just say you are on a diet but that the diet you are working with does not allow anything other than the packs until much later on and I SO badly want to do this well. If you met 6 people in one day who all said "I made this especially with you in mind" - you would do six times the damage and defeat your own goal. You are the important one here,; a polite but firm no thank you, not even the tiniest taster will stop any persuasion. You need to rethink your position here, otherwise it will defeat you - best of luck on your strategy. hugs xx


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Its done now so back on glugging the water, back into ketosis ( if you went out of it that is) and get those lbs off.

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