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I need to know EXACTLY why you must have your syns please..

I asked my C why you MUST have your syns and the explanation was that you'd feel deprived and more likely to fall off the SW wagon if you didn't.I get this and realise that for some people it's totally true.BUT for me it's not.I really don't feel like I'm missing out and am on my third week of the diet but cannot make myself have extra syns.The way I see it they're extra cals and will need burning off just like the free foods but I would rather burn off the calories from the free foods with my swimming n stuff!!

IS there another reason I HAVE to have my syns?Will the diet not work if I don't?
So far this week I've had zero syns(WI wed) and week one and two I had 8.5 for the week.
If there's some reason my metabollism or whatever "needs" the syns I'll try harder but if it's just to give your willpower a helping hand I'm ok as I am!
Just me feeling this way and a bit confused??:eek:
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simply put, without syns you are restricting your 'diet' too much and that will lead to feelings of going without which more than likely will lead to failure.

Also if you start out with 15 syns, as you lose weight and start to plateau cutting back on syns is an option. If you dont have them, what do you do then?

Also youre 3 weeks in, give it 3 months, or 3 years ;)
Hi there Im with chicaloca :p

When I first started I really struggled to use any syns, then I realised that if I didn't -as my weight came off and things slowed down I would have no-where to cut back. So now I have my syns -ok not all of them but Im usually at about 10 a day and Im still losing fine 19 weeks in....
Capricorn is not losing fine, shes doing amazingly well :)

My idol ;) xx
Thanks :) So there's no scientific reason I have to have them to actually lose weight though iykwim?Although I totally see your point about plateuing..my plan there I guess would be to up the exercise:eek:
Should have said aswell..this is my second time on SW and I followed it for about 5 months,lost 2 and a half stone with little or no syns used but then had to stop when my daughter was hospitalized for most of the winter.
I'm just having huge issues getting my head around eating extras I simply do not want!!.I've had to totally cut out booze and crisps because with me one beer/one pack of crisps leads to ten etc :rolleyes:
oh bleurgh!!!!
Everyone's body needs some fats, the healthy kind, these have been proven to help you lose weight. They're the things your body uses to build new tissue, something really important especially if you're exercising. If you don't want to use your syns for things like chocolate or crisps or alcohol, try using them for EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids); things like nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, flax oil.

This way you're having your syns but they are nutritionally sound.

*Hope this made sense it's been a long day and I'm a bit too tired to spout coherent nutritional information. (My Diet and nutrition tutor would be proud with my recall though).
cross posted,,,
thanks capricorn,I'll try my best to give it a go from next WI on wed then after looking at your losses!!!:p
tx Wicca..that makes sense :) Will try to get the syns in elsewhere x
Personally I cant imagine that anyone who has a history of over-eating - as we all must do on here do to a lesser or greater extent - can suddenly not want syns.

I couldn't be without, whether its extra cheese to add to my HEA allowance or a mid morning chocolate snack or some mayo on my tuna roll.

The psychology seems to me to be the biggest part of all this - retraining our brains after years of poor eating habits and so if SW recomend syns to make this a plan for life, then I'll have them.
Most of my weight is from 3 kids in 3 years and never losing the baby weight before falling pregnant again plus I have lots of steroids for a joint condition.Plus sitting around in hospital with one of my kids for weeks at a time doing no exercise and having to grab whatever was in the hospital canteen :eek: I'm not in denial honest! I never really ate lots of chocolate or crisps...I've drank far too much wine and beer which would lead to lazy food habits like ordering a chinese or a kebab at the weekends too but if I'm honest I never really "over-ate" as such.
I'm so determined to lose the weight this time that I have "switched off" any cravings if that makes sense? Maybe it's the stupid name.."syns"..that just tells my brain not to have them?:rolleyes:
BUT all that said..I will start to incorporate syns into my menu each day.Really appreciate everyones input..thankyou :)
Yes, the name syns is perhaps not the best in that way.

It sounds like you have a good base for sucess as you are not full of bad habits, I'm sure you will achieve great results. :)
Aw Shucks Chicaloca thanks :p-thats very nice of you :D

Hayley -If I remeber rightly someone on here once said that the SYNS actually stood for "synergy" -which might make you feel a bit better than thinking of them as "syns" ;)
here is the wikapedia definition if it helps...
Synergy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I don't really use mine for choc, crisps etc either -..... I use mine for extra virgin olive oil -don't like spray, Yoghurts -I don't like fat free ones :sign0137:and for the odds and sods in recipes etc.
Hope you find a balance that suits you...and hope your daughter is on the mend....
I posted this on an earlier thread.....
Why cut syns out? Why not cut out HEX's or free food? Why is it always the syns people choose not to have or cut out of their plan?
It's not too often you hear people saying "I don't need my A's and B's" or "I'm full enough without my HEX's".
They are as much a part of the plan as the free, superfree and healthy extras so have them.

And I do agree, give it a few months or years and you will need them and you will also become scared to use them in fear that you will stop losing weight.
Personally I cant imagine that anyone who has a history of over-eating - as we all must do on here do to a lesser or greater extent - can suddenly not want syns.
This always puzzles me too. We all have a history of overeating so it seems strange to me to not use any syns. If you've got any spare please send some to me :D.
I don't know all that much about this, but just a thought. What happens when you come off the diet? Wouldn't it be a harder transition for your body to go from syn-free to normal eating? I'd perhaps be a bit worried about gaining lots back as a lot of people do when they come off "super" diets etc. But then again, I am not that knowledgeable so it's just a thought!

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


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I'm always getting nagged for not eating my syns, I think using them on foods such as avacado (which I lurve nom nom) and olive oil is a great idea, also, having an extra HeB - I can always manage a fibre plus bar. I do understand what you mean about the extra calories though and I had this very same conversation in class last week (minus the swimming bit) and was told to just have about 5-10 a day or even a weekly allowance that way you can have them on a real treat (for want of a better expression) like a chocolate bar or a piece of cake.
Thanks guys :) You're right ..SW is something I can follow for life now because it's basically healthy eating and the benefits are there for the whole family.
Sat here looking through the things I can add as healthy syns..and dreading 2mros WI incase I've ruined it by thinking I was being good and having no syns! :p

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