I need to know someting? Can you help......


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Hi, I hope everyone is fine today, well I have been a member sine sept 2006, but have never sent anything in, If I ever had a problem I normally would find it on the site, which is so helpful, but I thing I need some advice today and my cdc is not around, is she on holiday, so please help..................

Before I start, I will tell you a bit about myself, I am a mother of three children, I work part-time as a care assistant, husband works full time and is never round, so I am alway the boss of everything, running of the house, The kids, COOKING, cleaning. Well I do what I what when I what and then moan about after was, I have always been about 9 stones and I am 5.7, after having the children I put on so much weight and try so many things ,they work, but I could not keep the weight off, well then I discovered this diet in jan 2006, there was a programme about the 10 best diets that were good to try, well I was very interested in this one, so I find a cbc and it all started from there.

I was 13 stones when I started, I loss 3 and half stone in about 3 months and was so happy,I finished the diet weighing 9 stone 7, I have been so good, I managed to keep it off , it has been 2 months and I have just been partying with friends and family, there as been so many birthday partys that I thought I let my hair down, and for all that I put on a stone:( ...........It sound like nothing but do I feel fat.

I start my packs again yesterday, so today is day 2, I feel good, got a bit of a headache, nothing to bad, I have already have had 2 litres of water and have just made a black coffee, to keep me a bit warm because I feel so cold today.

Anyway I will get to the point, I want to know, that can I split all my three packs of the day, and have six small drinks instead of three, can someone let me know, because yesterday I did very well, but when it came to the kids evening hot drink, I had a black coffee and had some biscuit, BAD KIRAN............ But I felt a bit hungry, But i manage to drink 8 litres of water, which i shocked myself and did not feel to mad at myself, so now I thought spliting the packs might be better, is this arlight to do.


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Spliiting the packs is fine, it helped me loads in the early days.



hello Kiran and welcome on board hun... you do seem like a busy bee and well done on losing 3.5 stone!!!

the answer is yes you can of course split your packs and it works very well for me... i find if i just have 3 packs a day that it is a long time between 'meals' even tho i wouldn't always be hungry its just nice to know you can have more than 3 when they are broken down, if that makes sense!!!

keep in touch and well done on your restart!!


Gen xx


S: 12st7.0lb G: 10st5.0lb
thanks, I have just had my second half of pack one and I feel so full, if you know what I mean

Thanks alot.


Kiran, I've always split my packs, it helps a lot. Also I always cut nars into tiny slices for those nibbling moments. I think 8 litres of water is a bit over the top, you don't want to wash out your body salts. If you start to feel dizzy and light headed then cut that water down a bit, most people think they've done well to drink 4l, and Cambridge minimum is only 2.25!


S: 12st7.0lb G: 10st5.0lb
thanks for that clairejen, I think I did over do it the water, when I went to get the kids at 3pm, this I just want drop on the floor, I just felt so dizzy, and my head felt really weird.

I think I will go easy on the water, but today I have been on black coffee because I feel so cold.


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I always used to split one pack into up to six "coffee lattes" during the day/evening. Butterscotch, Toffee & Walnut, Vanille & Cappuccino all work well. Use it like you would coffee mate.