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I need to rant.

Eurgh im just so bloody.. grrr.

firstly, i owe my best friend £1190, which i was due to pay her yday when me and oh got paid. BUT, his money didnt go through, so i couldnt pay her. which is really frustrating. Then i wanted to go swimming yday, but my best friend got caught up else where and i didnt have the confidence to go on my own.

then i relaised my tyre was really low, took it to garage and turns out the locking wheel nuts didnt come with car, so now i cant get wheel off. he pumped me up but i feel unsafe driving it. as he said it was possible puncture and im pretty sure its going down again now.

been at a confrence with the company i am due to start work with in jan. When i was offered the job i was so excited, its door to door sales and marketing, its not very glam, but the money can be fab and the progression is so good. BUT the job has been completly tainted now by my Oh who really doesnt want me to take it, because i'd be entering strangers houses alone. i totally understand, and i hate the thought of it myself, but its a risk i might ahve to take in order to earn well and do somthing with my life.

THEN i get home, and not only has OH not here, but he's asked me to ring our friends and cancel our night with them. we were due to be there in half hour. Aparently hes not feeling well (despite being well enough for the footy all day )

Im working tomorrow and so i ahvnt seen him hardly at all all week and wev not done anything together, come monday hel be back at work and il ahve worked all weekend... and done absoloutly **** all with him or with any friends.

AND, yet agains omeone has eaten my mullers, despite them being clearly marked with a big fat F. I have had enough!!

im really bloody mad at him, but iv come on here to rant cause im not too sure if im wrong to be mad.. so i dont wanna go off on one with him.
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my husband has been sat on his pc all day since 9 this morning didnt even get up for his dinner had it at his desk said he had loads to do and was working but ive caught him several times on different websites not doing any work grrrrrrrrrrrr and hes still sat there now last night he switched off work at 6 came and sat down with me and the kids then fell straight asleep woke up at 7 and went up to bed then woke up about 10 came downstairs straight back on to pc and stayed up till 3 grrrrrr
Tin hat on Fern and hideing under the table lol. Good heavens hun, your cage was rattled well and truley wasn't it. Hope things have calmed down a little bit now. I don't think you were wrong to be upset, you were frustrated at the way things were panning out, but these things happen and as much as we narked by them, unless there is actually something positive we can do to put things how we would like them, we just have to accept life sucks sometimes babe. It's nobodies fault, just a chain of events. As for the mullers, now thats a different story, deffinately kill on sight the person that took them. Dare say you have people in your house with the same middle names as my lot "I don't know", "it's not mine" and "I didn't do it" Makes catching the culprit a bit more difficult but I hear smart water is good lol.

Have a better day babes and sending love and hugs. xxxx
Thanks guys!

I eventually calmed down (Suprising concidering he didnt get home till 9..)

we watched the crappest movie ever (warning, do not watch 'observe and report' about the mall cop .. )

and i ended up eating cheesy mash, and refused to make him tea.. he had dippy eggs, and im pretty sure they wernt 100% ready to be eaten when he ate them, but decided as punishment i wouldnt tell him that. :)

todays better, still got teh whole tyre thing to sort but doesnt look as expensive to resolve the whole situation as first thought, just a lot of hassle!

Deffinatly dont think il be loosing this week, iv been ever so good since my binge last wed, but it was a big binge, .. but iv not been able to plan very well, esp because of the confrence sat (the lunch was white bread sanwhiches and crisps, so i munched on the fruit salad they had, which was nice but couldnt not eat a few crisps through fear of my belly rumbling so load that i would disturb the speakers :O lol

am trying though! x
aww bless fern, everyone has bad days, I hope your good days far out number the bad ones xx

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