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i NEED to return to LL! DESPERATELY!!!!


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i am new to this forum, i joined lighterlife in sept 07 and weighed in at 16st 2lbs, by the end of my 14 weeks i weighed 13st 5lbs! almost 3 stone lost, but a few bad days here and there so could have lost 4+ stones if i had stuck to it religiously! Well i was a size 18-20 when i began and got down to size 14 so for the first time in a long time i felt really good and sexy again! Came off the plan at xmas, kept convincing myself that i would go back again to my classes and i havent! I am now 14st 5! A STONE ON!!!! :cry:
I HAVE to get back to LL! HAVE TO! I have become totally out of control again and i know what i have to do, but CAN i stick to it again??? IM so worried i will fail again!:sigh:
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mark my words ................... get back there .....or you will end up like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! xx


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oh Hi Sarah! lol
i started lighterlife again on Friday and am on to day 4. Have honestly not found it too hard! Hoping to lose 4st so intend to stay motivated and determined!
Thanks for your reply
Diane x


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Hello mustdoit!! Your profile pic is so FUNNY......had to laugh at that little blue guy!
Ive gone back to LL so have already started my journey!
well done for getting back on .............. can't tell you the amount of restarts ......... but have to do it ....its the only thing i can control in my life at the moment !!! xx I shall be watching out for you and backs of legs will be slapped if you waiver !!!! xx
i lost 3 st and since then ate every cake going .............. and no decent meals it was my own fault .......... but i have a bad life ( well not compared to some ) so i respond to food via the emotional route !!!!!! I would love to go back to the day i finished foundation and behave ............ food wise that is !

everything seems to be going wrong in my life ............can't afford LL so need to go to cd but don't like their bars or flavours so much ...............the excuses i can find !!!
Hey Susan
I know EXACTLY what you mean! Life can be really crap at times for me too.........and as for eating everything in sight.......after LL, thats exactly what i did. I have gained 1st 2lbs (which could have /should have) been alot worse! But ive been so miserable and now im back at LL!! This time i am staying till i get to goal, then am going to do the management programme as that is where i went wrong! I need to change my eating habits for LIFE. I CAN do this and so CAN you! Its mind over matter...............we really have to want it!!

let me know how you get on! Good luck, you can do it!

Diane xx
Ladies many thanks for both of your honesty when declaring why you regained the weight. I am starting week 13 on Monday and had lost to wk 12 52.5lbs and possibly could get into a size 12 now just have not tried!! I have nibbled here and there (only protein) am doing 2 extra wks in foundation as 2 ladies in my group are 2 wks behind me and a further 4 wks development. I initally wanted to loose just over 6stone and get down to 10st 6 but at 44 I really did not want to look too old and haggard!! so I really am taking each week looking at how I look and not just at how much I weigh and totally not being dependant on my BMI. I was not planning to do RTM nothing to do with money but I just feel that I have to eat and can not live on food packs for the rest of my life! I was after I am happy with my weight do a low carb diet my own version of atkins/GL diet. I am very focused and eating cakes, chips carb filled foods is not in my thought pattern all I want is meat/fish/salad I do not plan to deprive myself and If I do plan on eating carbs then they will not be in the evening and only if I really want them. I know that this is for Life and for me it has changed my life already I am not going to throw away all the good that I have done. So I hope that when my initial LL journey finishes it will be the opening of a door that will be totally in my control and that it will be one that I can stay focused on. X

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