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I need you guys more than I ever realised x

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
This forum is so important to me. I do really well on CD when I get to be on here catching up on how everyone is doing. I really find that when I'm on here less I'm not as focused.

Just wanna say thankyou because I wouldn't have come this far without you. I'm on 1000 till goal now and I'm still gonna need all your support. Feel like I've been here forever :)

Good luck everyone xxx
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Hey Sunshine....WELL DONE YOU! Only 4lb from Goal!!

You have done so well and acheived so much! Yes Minimins is a great source of support, but the hard work is all your own and you should be so proud!


Silver Member
I agree completely! I am struggling today and the first thing I did was log onto this forum. It really helps to know there are other people going through the same thing.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Elay, Curly and Guru... it's brillaint isn't it. The support is amazing and yes we're all working away on our plans but being able to chat about it with everyone here is just such a huge help. Even with supportive friends and family, they can't understand fully what we're doing.

Last night my cousin..... who is very overweight and hasn't seen me since losing the weight, decided to tell me enough is enough lol! That a size 10 is far enough and I'm not to lose any more!! It's times like these that everyone on here can relate to eachother and we overcome our issues together. Without being soppy, we're like a big family xxx


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I do agree with you totally....the support that I have had on here recently has been so amazing and helped me resolve issues and put things in a new perspective! "There is a whole lot of love in this room" (as per Darius!) xx


Going for Goal!
I agree - I love minimins! I have made some lovely friends on here too.

I think CD is a difficult diet and it is great to know that we all have a 'back up' place to come for help. You can always guarantee that someone else is on the forum to help too - it's fantastic!

I'm starting to get a bit sad that some of my friends on here are close to goal (I'm really really happy for you though :) ) and it may not be long before you don't 'need' minimins anymore. :(

Love you all!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
You know I'm kind of thinking I'll always need minimins. Yeah we all go through the different stages but this forum keeps me grounded. Even when you're at goal, you have to get to grips with working up the plans and then take the time learning to live in a new way.

The thing about CD is that we lose the weight quickly but then we need to use that time where normally on most other diets you're still trying to get to goal, to maintain. It's going to take time so I'd say that the peeps who want to lose the weight for good will be around here for a long time yet. Does that make sense?

So for me I am doing 1000 till i reach goal. Then i have to get to grips with the 1200 and 1500 plans. Then I have to learn what works for me staying at that weight etc. It's a big learning curve so I will certainly be around for a long time yet. xxx


Silver Member
Minimins is my lifesaver every day, I come on constantly just to help me stay focused, I love reading posts and I enjoy the chat. I don't feel alone on this journey as we are all supporting one another !
What a lovely thread :) I found out this morning as some of you know, how supportive everyone is.

It really is a lifeline. You've done so, so well Sunshine, that you're inspiring to other people. I agree that the hard work starts when you're going up the plans and then when you maintain.

I've found out SS is the easy bit (sorry if not everyone finds it easy!) and the rest is tough. I'll be watching people like you and Curly as you go through the higher plans to get to maintenance and hoping that one day I can cope with it!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks hun but I know you will cope with it really well...honestly. It's great you're getting the counciling too, that can really help clear your head. You're just a bit muddy at the mo lol and soon it will all become clear. Stay on here loads and keep chatting as I've missed you on here. xxx Big giant hug xxx

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