I no longer want to be in Fatasia.

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    Day 1 - Morning (February 20th 2010):

    I've just had my first Chocolate Mint Shake and after having expected something vile, I'm actually pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying that ol' Mr. Wonka would be proud; but I don't think he would shun the product completely. I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to keep this up, I'm sure I'll keep on going for the first couple of days; but it's next week or somewhere down the line that I'm really anxious about. I don't want to dedicate myself to the diet, only to have a moment of weakness down the line.

    So, in order to give myself some sort of weird take on this whole journey; I have affectionately named the current state my body is in as Fatasia. The land of fat and eternal flubber! No longer do I want a season ticket to this land, I want out! I, the Winston Smith to this totalitarian George Orwell like land!

    I'm a 19 year old male, 24 stone and am about to take a picture of myself. This picture shall linger on the wall of my bedroom and be the driving force towards me attempting this. "I will never look like that again."

    So yes, that whole post could have been summarised. "I just had my first shake, 'twas okay." :p
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    Day One - Evening (Saturday 20th February 2010):

    After my first day on SS, I have nothing but a feeling of relief.

    I was petrified that I wouldn’t be able to make it a day, let alone the next 12 weeks but my mind has been put to rest by the superb day I’ve had. There were points when I was craving for things (I wouldn’t call it hunger, more routine) and I even made it through work cooking 2 cheeseburgers with bacon for customers! Water is even starting to taste more appealing!

    Today I had a Chocolate Mint shake (thumbs up), Original Poridge (thumbs up), Butterscotch Shake (THUMBS DOWN) and Spicy Tomato soup (thumbs down, but mostly because it wasn't hot enough!) I've got through 4 pints of water plus another litre as well.

    I’m not even in Ketosis yet and I feel so much more energised. I had such a good night at work and felt as though I pushed myself more than usual, because I want to start to show people the people I can be - as opposed to who I am now.

    I’m sitting here at 12:41am, writing this with a huge smile across my face. I’m now looking forward to bed and embarking on my second day.

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    Hey there

    Your posts really made me smile. Good luck on your journey, it's amazing what a little self belief can really achieve!

    PS with you on the spicy tomato ewww!

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    healthy eating
    good luck with your cd journey
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    Ohhh I am a fan of chocolate mint to...it's quite refreshing if you smash up some ice-cubes in there!

    Your positive outlook is lovely, you already sound like an achiever!

    Good luck x
  7. Surfhunny

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    I think you've got the right outlook on this diet. Love your sense of humour. I'm sure you'll be leaving Fatasia sooner than you ever imagined!! Good luck x
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    Good luck with your weight loss journey. How are you doing now?
  9. fat2slim dani

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    cambridge diet
    wow porgeous, u look amazing. cch, u will do great. its amazin wot people say on here, it definately inspires me. ive lost 1 n half stones in 4 weeks and feeling great. want to loose another 2 n half.
    gud luck every1.
  10. leeds123

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    haha! what a great read... how you doing fella?

    just stick thorugh weeks 1 and 2 and then its plain sailing (most of the time). sometimes your head will try and trick you to eat, and believe me - nothing is more powerful than the mind. but dont give in, soon you will be a new man! great diary !
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