I promise I am not in denial.....


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Afternoon all
This really sounds like I am in denial but....... I have changed CDC cos I didn't click with my first one and I couldn't get to her easily so i found a new one who came to the house and weighed me yesterday. Now I know her scales will be different to my other CDC but she got my weight as 15st,now this seemed about right to about a lb or so as I had been 15st 2 the day before on mine (which had been the same as the 1st CDC).
However.... today my scales are saying either 15st 3 or 15st 4!!! I have been soooo good but it keeps saying I have put on weight and I haven't moved them at all.
I am wondering if my scales are having a hissy fit as I know they are running out of battery (kept saying "Lo" on Weds).... anyone else had this sort of situation? My hubby seems to think its cos i drank about a litre of water quite quick this morning which is equivalent to 1kg....
any ideas???
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Hi, It may well be the water hun. I find the best time to weigh is first thing in the morning after I have been to the loo, empty bladder and all that :) xxx


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My weight keeps fluctuating even 10lbs throughout the week.
Don't worry - if you follow this diet you'll soon see loss xxx


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Yes, I will appear 2lb heavier after drinking water. Weight fluctuates, scales vary - just take account of the official weekly weigh-in (or whatever frequency you have agreed) with your consultant.
Don't worry or let this upset you, or that could lead to cheating. I posted this week that I was upset with my weight on scales at Boots the chemist, yet I know that their scales sometimes malfunction.

Carry on and forget the scales, you will do just fine x


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My advice, don't get on your scales. And if you do, do as Prinzessin says. Also as Minimimi said weight can fluctuate quite a lot. And, if your scales were saying Lo on Weds then they need new batteries. Don't get hung up over it, you'll have lost on your CDC's scales next week and they are the ones that count!


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Stick to one set of scales unless you know they are definatley in sync with your cd's. I only weigh myself first thing in the morning and drinking water before would definately affect you. Good luck hun, you will be fine at your official weigh in when it comes around.


S: 16st1lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st1lb(6.67%)
Thanks for the replies x
I know you are all right and I shouldn't weigh myself or get hung up on it if I do but it just plays on your mind! haha
My new CDC is coming every Friday now so I will be able to see what loss I had on her scales over 7 days


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I made the same mistake with drinking a load of water before a weigh in and showed a 1 lb gain -- then I weighed first thing the next morning had a three pound loss. The water and time of day made a four pound difference!