I ran upstairs and my jeans fell down!!!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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Yay!!! it's soooooooo good having all my jeans too big!!!!!!

:D :p :D :p :p :D


I have put a belt on now though cause I've had visitors and I'm going to Tesco's later, didn't want to scare everyone!!!!!!
lol its great when that happens at first isn't it. It gets annoying after a while though when every step you take you have to pull them up again
Well done, Gem, that's great going. I am used to my trousers falling down, and it's not because I have lost any weight yet, it's because I have to get a bigger size for my legs so they are huge round the waist and then give in the legs after a while of wearing them :rolleyes:

You are doing really well; keep going! xx
That really made me laugh!! I'm back CDing after doing a month in February and now am in for the long haul til CHristmas, so hopefully in a few weeks that'll be my jeans falling down!! Bring it on! and thanks for the big laugh out loud ;-)))
I've ordered some size 12 jeans from eBay and I'm gonna hang them in my room until I can get in them. Someone at work yesterday says I looks like I've borrowed some fat person's clothes (well she didn't put it quite like that but that's what she meant)!!!!
lol that is TOO funny! :p

Mine fell down when I was 'helping' push a car at our horse yard.. .the owners daughter had left the stereo on... and I was totally glad that everyone was helping with the car, and didn't notice my arse! lol
The only time in your life when really, people accidently seeing your bum, is not totally a bad thing ;)
Fab news well done
Thanks everyone!! Glad I made some of you laugh!!!!

I've lost another 3lbs too, got weighed this morning!!

This diet ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

It sure does hun!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done!